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Joining the Crew
Thu Sep 30, 2010 1:20am

The group around the fire stared at Maq's bathing-suit clad body for several seconds. She knew they weren't 'checking her out'. It was more staring in shock. Of course, if you were in pre-history, and a one-piece clad girl showed up out of nowhere, you'd be confused too, Maq thought. She felt very out of place. Finally the head guy shook himself and laughed.

“Well, this is about the last thing I would have expected, but hey, we're here ourselves! Come on down, lass. We won't bite.” He waved her down. Maq couldn't help but notice that, while he was older, he was handsome, and his smile seemed to light up his face. Climbing down the ridge, she came close to the fire and sat down. Though she wasn't cold, the familiar warmth was a comfort in itself. One of the young men at the campfire took off his jacket and draped it around her shoulders. The others took a seat, eying her with surprise and, thankfully, amusement. She sensed no hostility, and turned to the older gentleman, marking him as their leader.

“So what is all this? I mean, how did you get here?” the man laughed.

“I could ask you the same, but, I guess we'll get to that later. My name is Nigel Marvin, a zoologist. And this,” he panned his arm, indicating everyone else, “is my crew. We've used time-travel to come back to pre-history, to study and film the 7 most deadly seas of all time. Right now, we're in the Ordovician, and already we've filmed our swimming with sea scorpions and an Orthocone. Our next stop, which we were getting ready to leave for tonight, is the Triassic period.” He winked. “All right, lass, you've heard our story. Want to fill us in on your own? What's a fine young lady like yourself doing in a place like this?”

Maq thought she heard one of the guys behind her mutter something about how Nigel should behave; he's married with a daughter already. Maq chuckled. “Before I answer, can I ask you one more thing? It'll make it easier for me to tell.” He nodded. “What year is it, back in your time I mean.”

Nigel smiled again. It seemed to be his natural state. “ We're from 2002, October to be exact. We're hoping to get this all done quickly so we can be back in time for Christmas, right lads?” There was a mild chuckling to his comments. To Maq's relief, she even heard a higher, feminine laugh, and turned to see a young blonde woman standing near their packs. For some reason, though they didn't seem threatening, not being the only woman made Maq relax more. She turned back to Nigel. She gave him a brief fill-in to her time period, what she was (which caused some of the boys to nerd-out on her, wanting to see her circuits and the like), and finally told them about what had happened on the island. At the end of her tail, Nigel sat back, looking bewildered. Finally, he shook his head.

“That's quite the tale, lass. I don't think I would have believed you, if it weren't for the fact you're here. And we can't very well leave you, either. Actually, this somewhat works out. One of our sound tecs got a bad fever right before we left, so we're down a member. If you'd like, you're welcome to travel with us and held with the film. When we're all done, we can at least drop you off in our time. That's as much as we can do, I'm afraid. Our time machine doesn't go to the future; our future that is.” Maq wanted to cry with relief. 2002 would be a far cry closer to home then over 450 million years in the past. She nodded in agreement, as several of the crew shouted welcomes to their odd little family. Nigel grinned boyishly.

“Well then! Let's not sit around here any longer. Let's move on to the Triassic!”

This is only the first part of MANY. I'll hopefully get all the rest posted here soon. Thanks goes to Kaze for helping to inspire me. Also, thank Demios. The fact that I could visit another FR member in person before even writing a post just struck me as sad, so I moved my butt to write more.

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    • Joining the Crew — Maq, Thu Sep 30 1:20am
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