Omicron City - First Blood
Sun Oct 3, 2010 2:28pm

Aurora swept up to the corner, using her enhanced vision to look straight through the wall and see the dozen men and reploids fanning out in the area in front of her. Her hand ran the length of the blade's handle next to her body before slowly sliding the deadly sliver from its sheath.

Her first target was coming in her direction. The first she would need to kill, and do so quietly.


Aurora Combat Module initiated...

Analyzing combat situation... Defined.
Searching Combat Modules... Identified 3.

Loading combat module... Stealth-Core.
Loading combat module... Physiology.
Loading combat module... Kirisu-copy3.

Integrating combat modules... Adaptive Matrix reports success.

WARN: Adaptive Matrix has introduced new modules:
- Ether Drive Alpha-01


A word slipped past Aurora's lips and her lavender eyes began glowing faintly. Within her, the Adaptive Matrix had identified that the visual perception of her enhanced sensors wasn't enough. Any mage from the outside would be able to perceive the faint magical aura that had covered the docks. Aurora, instinctively, could feel the position and demeanor of every one of her targets.

She slipped just inside the open garage door of one of the big warehouses, snuggling herself into the darkened corner. Twenty seconds and her first target would walk by. Her stealth had kept her in good check and the plain-clothed man walked by unassumingly cradling a plasma rifle. With preternatural stealth, she slipped behind him. The man was much taller than she was, but with a short hop, she curled her left hand around his chin and angled her arm down over his shoulder. The man started but as she lifted his chin up, the blade in her right hand arced cleanly up through his throat and into his skull. The eight inch blade slid easily through the meats of his mouth and into his brain. In a bare moment, he went limp and Aurora hefted him back into the warehouse garage.

One down. She thought as she searched the man. She took the rifle and slung it around her back. She also found the man carrying an old slug-throwing side arm. The harness was a little big for her, but with a yank she strapped it down over her right leg. Lastly she found a headset radio, which she peeled off and fitted over her own head.


Cover watched as Aurora expertly and efficiently killed the first of the men through the length of his scope. Very clean. He thought, She must have been doing this a long time.


With added firepower, Aurora slinked off towards the next of her targets. They weren't apparently keeping in very good contact as Aurora never heard any chatter over her stolen radio. So much the easier for her as she found a simple, easy ambush position for each one of the humans and with vicious and sometimes very bloody stabs, kill each in turn.

For one, she came leaping over a staircase, driving her blade deep into his spine before crashing on top of him. Another, she simply waited around the corner and when he neared, she swung out and stabbed the blade directly into his face trusting her reploid strength to allow the blade to cleave through the skull. Each time she took the body and hid it, storing the location of each body so they could retrieve them and clean them up later.

As thorough and stealthy as she was, she couldn't quite get them all before radio chattered back with the voice of one of the two left from the original twelve. "This is Red-7, I'm in position. Are we ready?"


Cover heard Aurora's voice through his internal comm, "Out of time, we need to take these last two out quickly before they start shooting up the place."

The rifleman nodded to himself, "Alright. I have bead on one that is one a second story window." He quickly transmitted his visual receptor, "Can you cover the other one?"


"-ed-8 in position. ...Where are the rest of your statuses?" Aurora heard softly through her stolen radio and the two hundred or so meters that separated her and "Red-8." Clearly the best armored and armed of the bunch, he was a reploid that matched her father in frame. Luckily for her, she was certain the simple titanium-x armor and regular servos would not match Demios's reinforced polyceramic armor or tetrimite musculature. Which gave her a chance to take him down.

"Yes, I have him. Alright Cover. Now." She sent through her internal comm before unslinging the stolen rifle and getting bead on the other reploid.

The report of a plasma rifle in the distance hit Red-8 with a start and well honed reflexes sent him to the deck, just in time to spoil Aurora's aim. A trio of plasma blasts impacted the wall above him, blowing holes in the cheap plas-steel warehouses. She adjusted her aim down, but the reploid scrambled from the ground into the warehouse beyond.

Aurora snorted in frustration. The rifle she wielded wouldn't be able to effectively punch through the plas-steel warehouse and still guarantee her a kill. She slung the weapon back over her shoulder, drew the stolen side arm and rushed across the maintenance alley to bring the range closer.

Her spell enhanced senses however warned her as the reploid rolled back through the door, and raised a pair of plasma pistols. The deadly reports of plasma fire heralded the blasts lancing in her direction. However with the intimate magical knowledge she had of the area and the raw computing power of the adaptive matrix, she managed to cut just ahead of the first volley. She leaped into a roll which let two blasts pass on either side of her hips and came into a roll stopping only centimeters short of the last of the blasts. She raised her sidearm and fired two shots. One went wide, blowing another hole in the side of the warehouse. The second found its mark, the heavy metal slug plowed into the titanium-x chassis under his cheek, before deflecting up into his eye. The ocular sensor exploded under the force of the bullet and the impact sent his head jerking back.

Aurora quickly closed the distance, swapping her pistol for the plasma rifle. As the reploid tried to recover from the intense pain, Aurora ended his life with a blast to the head.

"-urora. This Cover. I repeat, I got my target. What is your status?"

Aurora keyed her comm, "All green here. ...We have a mess to clean up."

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