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Omicron City - Gearing up (nm)
Wed Oct 27, 2010 1:05pm

  • Omicron City - LinesAurora, Wed Oct 13 6:18pm
    Aurora sank into her seat in the back of the van, as Targe drove them all back to the headquarters. After they had finished off the interlopers, she had used some of her magical power to help clean... more
    • Omicron City - Gearing upAurora, Wed Oct 27 2:33pm
      NRP- For realz this time. RP- "Alright, let's review." Cover said as he stood in front of the table in their makeshift warehouse base. "Aurora, how'd we make out on those stolen weapons?" Aurora let... more
      • Omicron City- A New PlayerZeo, Thu Oct 28 1:26am
        NRP: Such a long wait. For that... I shan't apologize! RP: The Deacon XII had barely cleared Aurora's holster when she whipped it around to point at the warehouse door. The other mercenaries... more
        • Omicron City - SnowyAurora, Thu Oct 28 12:27pm
          Cover's eyes narrowed just slightly moreso than they already were. This Chaucer guy was something else. He had his doubts that he was on the level. After the pier fight the other night, he wouldn't... more
          • O'er the Hills and Far AwayZeo, Mon Nov 1 10:41am
            The Ettin's landing struts were hot enough to make steam of the snow as it settled down on them venting exhaust and humming to itself as the engines slowly died. Chaucer stretched and rolled his... more
            • Let's get this party started!Aurora, Mon Nov 1 12:05pm
              Aurora smirked mildly at Chaucer's antics even as she kept her emotions in check. This could still all be an act. She reminded herself, If he really is working for the Papacenos, he won't likely... more
              • Quick and DirtyZeo, Tue Nov 16 8:07pm
                It really was a nice Ride Armor. Aramek 2217 with all the trimmings. Which made it a pity that Chaucer was the one piloting it. He was what the charitable would call a novice. Fortunately, as with... more
                • Combat, Combat, CombarDemios, Tue Dec 7 3:49pm
                  The repeating plasma blasters of the Aramek 2217 were more than capable of mowing down the initial Raider response. Their plasma fire splashed more or less harmlessly over the reinforced armor as the ... more
    • Omicron City - Gearing up (nm) — Aurora, Wed Oct 27 1:05pm
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