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Omicron City - Gearing up
Wed Oct 27, 2010 2:33pm

NRP- For realz this time.


"Alright, let's review." Cover said as he stood in front of the table in their makeshift warehouse base. "Aurora, how'd we make out on those stolen weapons?"

Aurora let a bright, proud smile spread across her features. "Oh, you'll love this..."


After the fight at the peer, the mercenaries had made off with about two dozen weapons of various forms. While Cover was setting up their next mission, Aurora had been tasked with finding a buyer and offloading the goods. Working with one of John's contacts, she had quickly gotten the hang of navigating the SatNet looking for weapon and black marketeers. Now, she was driving a rented grav-car up a row of shops, hangers and garages near the major starport of Omicron city. It was a haven for gearheads and there were no shortage of hot merchandise flowing around the area. Colloquially it was known as "Rocket Row" for its proximity to the starport.

She pulled the vehicle to a stop in front of one of the many nondescript store-fronts. She climbed out of the vehicle and cast her violet eyes across the unassuming building. Made of mostly cheap sheet metal and a simple prefabricated office, it was not much to look at. However, rumor had it this was the haunt of a "Gear-master," one of the more prevalent black marketeers in the area. Off loading two dozen hot weapons, including a pair of XG-13 Plasma Machine Pistols, would be good business for the both of them. Atleast, that was her hope. Her father's stories always mentioned how so many of the best underworld folks lived and worked out of the most unassuming locales. Demios's stories fresh in her mind, the store front reassured her that she was on the right path.

She had her hair up in a pony tail again, as she found it the easiest to deal with and with a simple leather jacket over her heavy cloth body suit, she probably looked the part of any number of reploid pilots or mechanics. Well, the few female ones at least. She walked around the car, patting the closed trunk where the weapons were stashed before heading for the door.

Surprisingly, it wasn't quiet closed and she could hear faint shouting inside. Her fingers floated to the inside of her jacket, reassured by the cold metal of the handle of her combat knife and she could feel the faint energy of her Ether Drive spinning up from idle. She took in a deep breath and let it out, What am I about to walk in on?

She pushed open the door to a dimmly lit office that had more spare parts strewn across it than anything else. The smell of grease and metal permeated the whole of Rocket Row but walking into it only reinforced the acrid smell. However, no one was there and she could hear the shouts continuing from deeper into the office. "I swear, you better give me those codes now or so help me..."

Hmmm. Aurora's advanced optics snapped into place overlaying her vision and she could clearly make out the warm signature of a human digging a pistol into the forehead of a reploid, Looks like Mr. Gear-Master is in the middle of some tough negotiation. Her lips curled ever so slightly, Maybe he could use a hand.

She walked down the hallway, the heavy thud of her leather combat boots giving the attacker pause. As she rounded the corner, the human's gun was pointed directly at her face. "I don't know who you are," He started, "But turn around and walk right back out the door."

Aurora's eye-brow quirked and with the faintest of non-verbal spells, she wedged a little telekinetic power between the trigger and the handle of the pistol. "...Are you seriously pointing that gun at me?" Inside she could only smile.

The assailant's trigger finger squeezed but he could not manage to depress the trigger. "What the fuck?" He muttered. He looked back at her and snarled. He threw the weapon away, unceremoniously dumping Gear-Master onto the ground and charged across the office. He threw a wild punch at Aurora. She didn't even need her magic to easily step out of the way and it even sort of annoyed her that he thought he could beat her with his fists. She reached forward, taking the man's wrist and led him farther forward than his balance anticpated, forcing him to fall head first into the prefabricated cere-steel wall. The crack was resounding and the man keeled over, unconscious and probably tending a very serious concussion.

"Man, what a doofus." Aurora said aloud. She looked over towards the dishevelled reploid, "You okay?"

"Yes, of course." He climbed to his feet, dusting himself off and flattening his heavy workman's apron, "If you hadn't come in when you did my little buddy up there would have taken care of him." He motioned towards the ceiling. When Aurora looked up, she saw a robotic spider about the size of a basketball with a deployed plasma gun aiming more or less at her. "Now, do you have business with me, Miss...?"

"Aurora. We spoke on the SatNet about some business?"

"Ah yes. I'm Dr. Yoroi." He extended a hand which Aurora shook. The reploid was short, only coming up to about her chest. His hair was gray and somewhat wild across his head, held out of his eyes by a perched pair of goggles. "Thank you for the assistance by the way. That particular drone doesn't have a stun weapon. Getting rid of bodies is so much more annoying when they're dead."

Aurora almost laughed. She couldn't decide whether or not he was kidding. It was probably both. She decided she didn't really want to get on the bad side of the Gear-Master. "Come," He said, "Grab that fool and let's dump him outside. Then I can take a look at what you brought me."

The human wasn't much for her reploid strength, so she scooped him up and tossed him over her shoulder. Of course, the human's height meant that he was practically scraping the floor as the two of them headed outside. Dr. Yoroi flagged down a truck and spoke with the driver a minute. The driver laughed before he looked back to her, "Go ahead and put him in the bed, child."

Aurora shrugged and hefted the human into the bed of the truck. It continued on its way and Aurora decided to put his fate out of her mind. She looked back towards the good doctor, and waved him over to the trunk. She popped the trunk and opened it to show the two crates inside. "Bring them inside." He said, before turning back towards his office. Aurora weaved a quick spell to make the crates weigh little more than a few pounds each before toting them inside.

Dr. Yoroi popped open the first crate and began inspecting the more simplistic guns they had pilfered, "Ah. Simple enough. I have a buyer or two who is always looking for things of this nature. Won't fetch the greatest price, but it's something." Aurora nodded, before he moved onto the second crate, "Hmmm! This is much more interesting. These are Brute class pistols."

She smiled slightly, "XG-13s, by the serial numbers."

"Really now? That would make these among the last batch that Sterling Enterprises ever made. Quite a good find." He said, inspecting the guns, "Of course, I shouldn't be telling you that but I'm sure you already knew."

She had done her homework. "I did."

"Very good. Well, for the lot of it..." He gave her a number which was maybe a hair higher than she expected.

She had to wonder whether or not her little display earlier had given him a reason not to low-ball her. "Alright, I think that would work." She nodded before continuing, "Did you happen to get the other thing we discussed?"

His eyes brightened, "I did, actually." He closed the crates back up before waving her along, "Come."


"Oh, so you got it?" Cover asked.

Aurora's grin brightened just that little bit more, "I did. Take a look." She reached down along her right hip and flicked the latch holding the gun in place. She pulled the weapon up for the rest of her team to see. It just barely fit in her hand but the cold steel of the pistol shone in the weak light of the warehouse.

"Deacon XII." Chobham said approvingly. Aurora glanced at him, somewhat surprised he had said anything at all.

Cover explained, "He's a bit of a gun nut. But good, that will come in handy soon..."

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