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Omicron City- A New Player
Thu Oct 28, 2010 1:26am

NRP: Such a long wait. For that... I shan't apologize!


The Deacon XII had barely cleared Aurora's holster when she whipped it around to point at the warehouse door.

The other mercenaries responded just as quickly.

Chaucer held his hands up and smiled innocently. "Um... Hi there."

When none of the reploids lowered their weapons his smile slipped slightly. "Sorry to intrude but I couldn't help but notice the transaction you had with the Doc Yoroi. That was a real sweet pair of Brute pistols."

Aurora's eyes narrowed. "What of it?"

Chaucer shrugged. "I was curious to know how you...ah... acquired them."

Cover lowered his blaster slightly. "Found 'em. On a pier."

"So YOU were the guys responsible for that." Chaucer's smile widened. "Geeze. Y'cost me a paycheck there. Never been happier to be late in my life."

"You were working for the Papaceno family?" Targe shook his head. "Might have cost you more than one paycheck then."

Chaucer's arms had been gently lowering and now he barely had them up at all. "That's okay."

"You're taking that rather well." Chobham noted.

"Did you know there were cameras in that restaurant?" Chaucer said it idly. His hands nearly gone in the worn sleeves of his surplus trench coat.

"Cameras?" Cover echoed.

"Yeah. They caught the entire firefight. Your new lady-friend made quite an impact."

Chaucer winked at Aurora and the air was suddenly full of the steady hum of charged plasma pistols. One covered the male reploids while the other was focused entirely on Aurora.

Her Adaptive Matrix chattered at her with telemetry that matched the organic feeling of the Ether Drive. Both told the same story.

There was magic in the air.

"You mother fu-"

"Ah-ah-ah." Chaucer shook his head and the pistol gravitated towards Targe. "Lets not anybody say anything they might regret. And you pretty lady. Don't get cute with the magic eh?"

"How do you-!" Aurora snapped her mouth closed prematurely and grimaced. She hadn't meant to slip up like that.

"Now Don Gigano has put a pretty decent bounty out on you lot. Enough to keep me eating decent for at least a couple months..." Chaucer bit back the beginning of a laugh as every member of the hunter-turned-mercenary group tightened at that.

"But I'm not gonna collect." He lowered the blasters. Chobham recognized them as a beautifully matched set of Shiji Nurem dueling pistols. Just quickly as they had appeared the Nurems disappeared up Chaucer's sleeves.

"I like you lot. You've got spunk! Chutzpah! And certainly your looks don't hurt either."

Aurora didn't lower the Deacon XII and none of her fellow mercs seemed at all inclined to lower their pieces either.

Cover spoke for them all. "Why shouldn't we just grease you?"

"Well. I'm fun to be around, an ambassador of good will, and my partner could still kill all of you in under half a minute."

"Partner?" Targe rolled his eyes. "Like we'll believe that!"

Aurora paled as her hastily cast magical awareness suddenly picked up a sixth body. "He isn't lying."

"Of course not. Why would I?" Chaucer pointed behind and above the gathered mercs. "Show these good people I'm no liar Bast."

From the darkness a pair of gleaming green eyes blinked into existence. They bobbed gently in the darkness of the warehouse roof then jumped up and fell down. As she fell past the halogen lights her lithe body was revealed.

Clad in form-fitting armor that was as much art as functional Bast was a compact and lithe female reploid that seemed almost too small and pixie-like to hurt anyone. The stunning grace with which she landed and lightning-quick movements served to put aside any doubts as to her efficiency.

"Why are we not killing them?" She demanded, an Arabic accent coloring her tone.

"Well... because."

"That is not a reason Chaucer."

The mage-cum-assassin ran a hand through his hair revealing threads of premature gray in it.

"Do you really want to work for Don Gigano?"

Bast hesitated.

"No. But we have made contract with him."

"Eh. Nothing permanent."

"How do you say it? A deal is a deal. Is that not right?"

Chaucer shot an apologetic look to the mercenaries around him. All awkwardly looking at one another.

"Sorry. She's got this honor thing."

"One of us must."

"Sure. But honor with Don Gigano? That's like being the frog making a promise with the scorpion. It just isn't going to end well."

Bast's posture changed subtlety. Chaucer, seeing the weakness, pressed his point home.

"Remember what he did to Jacob?" The petite assassin nodded. "He'd do the same to us in a heartbeat."

Bast let out an explosive sigh and examined the mercenaries as though they were no more dangerous than exhibits in a museum.

"Why did we come here then?"

Chaucer's ever-ready smile grew once more. "Figured they could use a couple experienced hands."

His eyes settled on Cover's.

"How about it?"

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