Omicron City - Snowy
Thu Oct 28, 2010 12:27pm

Cover's eyes narrowed just slightly moreso than they already were. This Chaucer guy was something else. He had his doubts that he was on the level. After the pier fight the other night, he wouldn't have doubted if their little mercenary outfit had run up the ladder of "Things to Kill" for the Papaceno and Don Gigano was the worst sort of bastard. So he didn't discount that Chaucer might have been telling the truth about that.

Not only that, but this was the second time in as many months random Mercenaries showed up on their door. He hadn't really sense any deception on Aurora's part, but the girl hadn't exactly been straight forward with them either. For all he knew, these three were in accord and were after something completely different.

Cover glanced towards Chobham out of the corner of his eye. He and his long time partner exchanged a glance that spoke volumes. Allright. We'll see where this goes...

Cover's rifle barrel dipped slowly, "Alright. We can talk." The other mercs were slow to lower their weapons, but they did so.

Chaucer's face lit with a mix of relief and genuine anticpation, "That's the ticket."

Cover went on, "I was about to explain our next mission. If you two are serious," He eyed Bast, who was only a few meters from him, "It would be a good one to give you guys a trial run, per se." Cover waved to the various crates and boxes, "Have a seat."

After everyone was settled, Cover gave it a few minutes of thought. "Alright. One of John's shipments, coming overland through the Rockies, was attacked and captured. He can't really spare the people, so he hired us to find these bandits, recover his goods and return them. It's a good opportunity because not only is he offering a bounty per bandit we take care of, there's a legitmate bounty for their leader's head through Omicron Central."

He tapped a few keys at the keyboard in front of him, "Thanks to Aurora and a little hacking, we managed to locate the base." A simple projector shot an image of a snow covered valley with a small compound nestled amongst the evergreens and rocks, "It's a little more heavily armed than our past encounters, however we don't have to worry too much about stealth."

"Killing all two hundred or so bandits personally would probably take too long and end up too dangerous. So, we're going to use their own equipment against them." He clicked again, and the image zoomed in on a single building, "This is their motor pool. We've confirmed there are four ride armors and half a dozen raiding speeders. The plan is to sneak down the north side of this mountain and secure the motor pool. Then, we'll steal the ride armors and rig up one of the raiders to use to get John's cargo out."

He looked over towards the two newest recruits, "Since we have a few more hands than before, I'll stay up on the mountain as a look-out and sniper. Targe will fly the transport, while the rest of you can each steal one of the ride armors. Or blow them up. Which ever."

"Any questions?"

Targe spoke up first, "How are we going to get there?"

"I've already rented a Ettin transport. We'll fly it a couple miles outside of their encampment, and hide it. When we steal the cargo, we'll drive back to it, load it up and fly home."

Aurora added, "So we're hiking a few miles to get to their encampment?"

"Only way we can sneak in, unless any of you have any other ideas."

  • Omicron City- A New PlayerZeo, Thu Oct 28 1:26am
    NRP: Such a long wait. For that... I shan't apologize! RP: The Deacon XII had barely cleared Aurora's holster when she whipped it around to point at the warehouse door. The other mercenaries... more
    • Omicron City - Snowy — Aurora, Thu Oct 28 12:27pm
      • O'er the Hills and Far AwayZeo, Mon Nov 1 10:41am
        The Ettin's landing struts were hot enough to make steam of the snow as it settled down on them venting exhaust and humming to itself as the engines slowly died. Chaucer stretched and rolled his... more
        • Let's get this party started!Aurora, Mon Nov 1 12:05pm
          Aurora smirked mildly at Chaucer's antics even as she kept her emotions in check. This could still all be an act. She reminded herself, If he really is working for the Papacenos, he won't likely... more
          • Quick and DirtyZeo, Tue Nov 16 8:07pm
            It really was a nice Ride Armor. Aramek 2217 with all the trimmings. Which made it a pity that Chaucer was the one piloting it. He was what the charitable would call a novice. Fortunately, as with... more
            • Combat, Combat, CombarDemios, Tue Dec 7 3:49pm
              The repeating plasma blasters of the Aramek 2217 were more than capable of mowing down the initial Raider response. Their plasma fire splashed more or less harmlessly over the reinforced armor as the ... more
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