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Alone, cold and hungry
Thu Oct 28, 2010 4:51pm

Demios blinked his eyes open yet again. Once again, he was in a different place and in a different body. Holy fucking hell it's cold!

Climbing to his feet, the reploid-turned-human looked around. Mountains, snow and evergreens. Clad in only a thin wool tunic, his skin made goosebumps. The clean mountain air was little solace as he had hoped he'd be smelling the smog rich air of his home time. However, he wasn't that lucky. Instinctively he wrapped his arms around his chest.

"Fuck..." Demios muttered. He was frustrated beyond imagining. He didn't know where he was, nor when he was. He had been turned into a flesh and blood human. Alone in the snow, he gritted his teeth and looked around. Without his advanced optics, he could only see to the otherside of the nearest valley. Without his tetrimite musculature, he'd probably have trouble even trudging across this terrain.

"Fucking... Hell..." He muttered again, rage boiling up inside him. Whoa, whoa... Relax Demios. Getting angry isn't going to solve anything. He took in a deep breath, the cold air pricking at his throat as it went into his lungs before he blew steamy breath back out. Alright. I'm in the mountains. I don't know where though. My best shot is to go up and try to figure out where I am.

He began trudging, barefoot through the snow downwards towards the peak of the nearest mountain.


After several hours and the sun was waning in the sky, he heard a rumbling noise. He pressed himself against a nearby tree, worried that a predator had spotted him. Again, he heard the rumbling noise. "...Where the hell is it?" He muttered to himself, trying to keep as quiet as he could. Finally it happened again, and the reploid finally pinpointed the location. His own stomach.

"...The hell? ...Oh right. Food. I have to eat now." He grumbled, his spirits sinking. Where was he supposed to find food in the mountains? This was never something he had ever had to deal with as a reploid. A reploid could go on for years without ever really needing to recharge. Especially with his old body, and it's dual phase reactor... No. Not something I need to be thinking about right now. I'm going to get myself worked up again.

Though, even that was strange. Must be the stupid human brain chemistry. No wonder they are all little balls of emotional outbursts; their gray matter swimming in a hormonal soup all the time.

He grumbled to himself before looking around. Where could he get food? There wasn't any water, so there wasn't likely to be any fish. He hadn't seen any plants worth mentioning either.

He kept trudging before finally coming across a fallen log. He stopped and thought. Well, beggars cant be choosers. He moved over to the log and knelt beside it. He'd probably have to be quick! He pushed the log out of place and a smattering of bugs beneath it began scattering as their shelter disappeared. His reached down and plucked a few worms that were too slow before stuffing them in his mouth.

He hadn't ever really been much of one to eat as a Reploid. It didn't make a whole lot of sense. However, he could tell that these worms weren't terribly tasty. However, after he caught a few more, the rumbling in his stomach slowed down.


Finally, Demios climbed high enough up the mountain to see the surrounding country side. All he could really see were more mountains. "Great..." He muttered under his breath. Though after a moment of looking at the peaks above him, a thought occured to him. I know those mountains. This is part of the Death Peak Race course! Yeah! Right there is where that stupid jump turn was... Which means I'm in the east rockies.

This told him a couple of more things beyond just where he was. It meant that, relatively speaking, he was somewhat close to his home time. A billion years ago, these mountains probably looked very different. Hopefully it meant that he was in civilized times. From where he was, he guessed he was maybe two or three hundred miles from the mid west. Maybe six hundred from the Missisippi. He strained his brain to try and recall any other geographic importance of the area. It was hard to remember, having blasted through it at multiple of the speed of sound.

"Wait... There was a lake about a dozen miles north of that turn." He said aloud to himself. He followed the path in his mind while pointing at the different peaks. "There. That way."

For the first time since he'd appeared in this wilderness, some measure of his usual spirit returned. Finally, he had a path.

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