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Mon Nov 1, 2010 12:05pm

Aurora smirked mildly at Chaucer's antics even as she kept her emotions in check. This could still all be an act. She reminded herself, If he really is working for the Papacenos, he won't likely reveal himself on this mission. She readjusted the snow-camo coat she wore over her flak jacket and descended the ramp.

Her combat boots crunched the snow pleasingly and she couldn't help but marvel at the sight of the rocky mountains white with snow. It was breathtaking. However, the faint smell of grime and smog in the air reminded her that there was a base full of hostiles ready to cut her open and steal everything she had just over the ridge ahead.

"Bloody reploids." Chaucer muttered as the team assembled at the base of the ramp.

"Alright. Let's move out." Cover grunted, motioning towards the far ridge.


Cover nestled into his make shift sniper's roost even as he knew he would need to abandon it quickly. They had been pretty lucky so far without any sentries seemingly noticing their approach nor any patrols shooting overhead. Now, as the other five mercenaries continued down the slope towards the vehicle shed, he adjusted his scope and scouted their path.

As his reticule hovered past his team it paused, oh so momentarily, over Chaucer's head. For all of a short moment, his trigger finger itched. One shot and I won't have to worry about him betraying us. An errant thought shot through his head.

"Relax." Came Chobham's voice over a closed channel. Cover almost jerked.

"Right." Cover replied. He took in a deep breath. Anything that was going to happen with this Chaucer jerk wasn't going to happen on this mission. His partner was right. All these new folks were frazzling him. He couldn't let that spoil his performance today. Letting out that deep breath, he pushed out any anxiety but that associated with this mission. He had raiders to kill.


Bast was the first down the mountain, covering the rear entrance to the vehicle shed. Chobham shortly there after. Chaucer next with Aurora and Targe bringing up the rear.

"You're all clear." Came Cover's static filled voice. Sticking to a direct comm line kept their comm chatter from giving them away.

Chobham nodded, then motioned with his pistol. "Go." He said quietly.

Chaucer's fingers danced slightly and the lock and bolt of the door were sliced cleanly as magical power cut them apart. Targe grabbed the handle and pulled back with Chobham, Bast and Aurora darting into the facility.

Aurora's magical presence spread throughout the facility. She caught the other merc's eyes as they hid behind a larger transport and held up four fingers. She then pointed two towards what appeared to be a tool shed built into the hanger and then two more where the noise of a plasma welder could be heard. Bast nodded before sneaking off towards the tool shed.

Chobham and Aurora snuck around the vehicle and spotted two reploids doing repairs to a skimmer. Her enhanced optics pulled a close up of them, pointing out weapons and armor.

"And so then I dumped my beer all over his head." Said one of the techs, sending them both into roarous laughter. Aurora's heart skipped a beat. No, no. These people have murdered dozens, stolen supplies meant to help people and probably worse. She commanded herself, They deserve everything we're about to give them.

Chobham gave her a nudge, "Good?" He muttered under his breath.

She nodded before pulling her combat knife from its sheath. "Cover me." She said before darting around the corner.


Chaucer smirked slightly as he noticed Aurora's aura twisting with indecision. It wasn't something he normally got to see in Reploids. Maybe that's part of what interested him.


The tech's body thudded heavily on the ground as she finished off the last one. Chobham stepped around the heavy vehicle and nodded with approval. Shortly, Bast appeared in front of the both of them. "All clear." She said.

"Always nice when a plan comes together." Chaucer said, walking out into the middle of the facility, his ever present grin firmly in place. He motioned towards the four parked ride armors and all of their hatches opened in unison. "Shall we then?" He said, beaming his grin towards the other mercs.

Chobham holstered his pistol and nodded. Aurora touched the side of her head before keying her comm, "Cover. The vehicle shed is secure. We've got four Ride armors and we're ready for the next step."

"Acknoldeged." Came his static filled reply, "Good luck."

Bast frowned slightly, "Big heavy ride armors. Not idea of fun."


In the command center of the Raider base, a massive reploid stood up suddenly.

"Commander?" Asked a nearby human, sharp eyes peering up at him through long black hair.

"Something is wrong." The deep, grating voice of the reploid came back. With a flash, an armor-recall system loaded the massive reploid with equally massive armor, adding a good three feet to his height. The cavernous command room seemed much smaller with this collossal reploid now filling it. "Intruders?" He asked himself.

"Commander, are you sure? We haven't had any reports."

"I'm sure, Drak. I bet if you used those eyes of yours, you'd figure it out too." The Commander admonished, his voice stern.

Drak sighed lethargically and suddenly his eyes burned with a blue glow, he swept them through the room as he peered through the entire base. Not only was he capable of a full multi-spectral view, he was also plugged into the base's not inconsiderable security camera network. "Hmm... I thought all our techs were reploids." The cyborg mused to himself, "Nor do I remember any Ride Armor drills planned for today."

"Bring the base to full alert!" Roared the commander, "All hands to their weapons!"

Drak smiled darkly as deep inside his field projectors warmed up. "It's been far too boring around here as is..."


Cover winced as the first shrill siren pierced the valley. Guess our luck ran out.

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