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Predators in the Snow
Wed Nov 3, 2010 6:53pm

As he travelled towards the lake, Demios noted a few more things about his surroundings. It had to be probably very early spring. The snow was beginning to melt in places and the air during the day was just shy of pleasant. At night, of course, the temperature plummetted and he tried vainly to keep warm. He buried himself with whatever pine straw or dry dirt he could find trying to conserve whatever body heat he could. With his feet and hands just shy of numb, especially at night, he trudged on none the less.

Demios took note of other things as well. Though he wasn't an expert on humans, he judged his body to be very fit. It made a certain perverse sense that since his reploid body didn't have a shred of fat on it, his human body would be equally trim. Well muscled and tall he knew that his body was probably near the peak of human capabilities. The mercenary imagined that was probably the only reason he hadn't succumbed to the cold and died of hypothermia yet. However, as tough as his flesh and blood body was it didn't compare to tetrimite musclature or subdermal armor. Having to eat, sleep and deficate were all new and entirely unwelcome sensations.

The relief was palpable as he finally crested the last mountain between him and the lake. He couldn't even remember its name, but the thinning ice and its promise of sweet fishy food were the most amazing sights he'd seen in days. After nearly a week of trudging across the snow covered terrain, huddling himself to sleep on the raw ground, eating raw bugs and roots and drinking melted snow he had finally found a source of food and water.

He hurried so much that he nearly fell down the side of the mountain towards the lake.

With a rock, he smashed open some of the ice and immediately cupped his hands. The water was freezing but it was still far more pleasant than letting the inside of his mouth freeze as it melted snow. He gulped down water as if he would never drink it again. Finally satisfied, he sat heavily on the ground. Things might be looking up... He thought to himself.

However, Demios wasn't the only one who had come to the lake looking for Dinner. A growl resonated and he was certain it was not his stomach this time. Behind him was a rather large predator. "...Fuck." He muttered as he began to slowly back away from the grizzly bear. Demios was clearly the first meal the bear had found in a while as it looked a little haggrad and plenty hungry. Doesn't stop it from being a massive, fucking grizzly bear though. The bear wasn't going to let him get away and it charged at him, slamming into the mercenary and sending him flying.

Demios slammed heavily into a tree before his eyes widened. The bear wasn't done with him and he ducked just as a set of claws raked the tree bark above him. Tangoing with a grizzly bear was not his idea of fun however it wasn't him who had pressed the issue. The mercenary scrambled through the snow as the bear turned and began a lumber towards him. How do I get into these messes? Demios thought angrily as he ground his own teeth.

Quickly, he approached and vaulted on top of a boulder. With a few quick climbs, he was out of the immediate reach but the bear was hungry and Demios was the best looking meal he had seen all day. However, Demios saw his one hope. The roaring maw snapped at him as Demios hefted a rock which was easily fifty pounds. The bear did not quite understand the implications of its predictament as Demios hurled the rock straight into the bear's face, smashing its snout and destroying its skull. Dead, it fell to the ground.

Demios let out a sigh of relief and slumped on the boulder. "...I wonder if bear meat is tasty?" He mused to himself.

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