Quick and Dirty
Tue Nov 16, 2010 8:07pm

It really was a nice Ride Armor.

Aramek 2217 with all the trimmings.

Which made it a pity that Chaucer was the one piloting it. He was what the charitable would call a novice. Fortunately, as with most vehicles in 21XX there was a dummy setting. To any real pilot using the AI for nearly all the functions would be sacrilege.

Chaucer just liked blowing things up.

Which he proved by blowing the door to the vehicle shed outwards with a rocket.

“Now that's how you draw a little attention to yourself!” He said, voice crackling over an open COMM channel.


Contrary to most bandit groups the raiders didn't react with chaos. They moved with orderly precision and activated the automated base defenses before sending real reploids out to die.

So it was that a wave of Joes deployed outside the base, heading towards the vehicle shed, already peppering it with plasma-fire.

Inside the base a shadow slid across the threshold of the main computer room.

The deaths of the three technicians monitoring the main PC were swift and silent.

Bast pulled a small chip from her belt and slotted it into the computer. For a moment everything seemed normal.

Then the warning klaxxons blared as the virus began eating through the computer's innards burning everything in its path with mechanical efficiency.

As swiftly as she'd come Bast was gone, back into the shadows to create more havoc.

  • Let's get this party started!Aurora, Mon Nov 1 12:05pm
    Aurora smirked mildly at Chaucer's antics even as she kept her emotions in check. This could still all be an act. She reminded herself, If he really is working for the Papacenos, he won't likely... more
    • Quick and Dirty — Zeo, Tue Nov 16 8:07pm
      • Combat, Combat, CombarDemios, Tue Dec 7 3:49pm
        The repeating plasma blasters of the Aramek 2217 were more than capable of mowing down the initial Raider response. Their plasma fire splashed more or less harmlessly over the reinforced armor as the ... more
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