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Trouble in Africa
Tue Feb 22, 2011 11:29am

-=-=-=- Sometime before Damien's Acquistion of the Freelance Reploids in the skies above Africa -=-=-=-

Despite the helment, the air roared in Axel's ears. The sound had always drawn an adrenaline reaction from his CPU and this was no different. That below him, beneath the clouds, was a raging battle field where thousands of humans and reploids fought for their lives and the whims of their dictatorial leaders only reinforced this sense of impending action. His Stratos armor's thrusters burned along his back as he led a very small squad towards their target.

Beside him flying on white wings of a Rock Beast was Cylecks. His brown hair whipped in the wind while his eyes were shielded behind a red visor. If the ex-Repliforce soldier was experiencing any anxiety before this mission, he didn't show it. A little bit behind him Demios's Landchaser roared along in their wake, his aeroshell cutting through their exhausts as the angled machine's thrust shot it in a ballistic arc through the air. That Demios could handle the machine this high up was always a little silly to him. The thing wasn't designed to fly more than a couple meters off the ground and here it was soaring over the clouds.

Axel's HUD blinked and with a motion, he sent his flying squad down through the clouds. As soon as they broke through the fluffy white barrier, their target loomed in front of them. A powerful energy dome stood fast under repeated explosions; pounding from artillery miles away. In the intervening miles, skirmishes of varying intensities were being fought. Axel didn't even have to speak as the trio of mercenaries came to a hover, just below the clouds. The wide, blasted terrain around the dome and the powerful looking buildings of the city inside contrasted sickeningly. Whatever African dictator that left his people to die while he hid behind a force barrier deserved everything that was coming to him, as far as Axel was concerned.

Thinking back to the briefing momentarily, Axel deployed the Axel Buster and began charging the powerful cannon. This artillery barrage had been going on for almost twenty-four hours. Powerful plasma shells ripped at the energy of the dome but it had stood fast for hours now. However, Axel and his squad didn't need to bring down the shield. Only open a hole. In the lower part of his HUD, a countdown timer scrolled below the one minute mark. "One minute folks. Let's crack this egg."

Cylecks leveled his Choir cannon. The hum of Axel's Axel Buster permeated his armor. Demios's shoulder cannon deployed and the omnious laser projectors expanded from along the barrel. More energy built up into these three mercenaries than a battery of plasma artillery could produce. With a shouted "Fire!" three incadescent spears shot through the air.

Axel and Cycleck's cannons kept firing as rapidly as they could fill the weapons with Plasma while Demios's plasma laser sustained a concentrated firepower. The hexagonal area of the powerdome being hit became opaque and the deep blue quickly shifted to a brilliant white. The torrent of plasma power finally overpowered that section of the shields and a hole, the size of a large garage opened in the power dome.

Axel, Cylecks and Demios each powered for the hole and moments later the Gryphon shot through the clouds, burning in their wake towards the dome. Once inside, the Mercenaries began firing with wild abandon to cover their compatriots as they exited the Gryphon. The Mercenaries safely delivered to the ground, the Gryphon turned and burned back towards the sky. The Mars, running on autopilot, easily slid into the open cargo hatch before the Gunship closed up and shot back through the clouds.

On the ground Axel looked between his compatriots. Veteran Mercenaries all. His gaze shifted to Kail the Destroyer, who nodded slowly. They all knew what they were here to do. Bring down the dome. Help the attackers take the city. Assassinate the coniving Lengistu Caile Lariam. Do all this while dealing with the Merg military and no small amount of hired mercenaries.

They were the Freelance Reploids and they would do all this and more.

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      • I'm in.Zeo, Thu Mar 17 9:21pm
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