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I'm in.
Thu Mar 17, 2011 9:21pm

The Merg Military had a reputation. Not as the most technologically advanced force. Nor were they the sharpest.


The Merg Military was considered one of the most barbaric armed forces to walk the Earth in 21XX. Even against the standards of the Maverick armies they shined as a bloody beacon of red violence on the constantly war-torn ultra-urbanized continent of Africa.

To say that hiding amongst them had been a challenge was understatement of the highest order. Cocker let out a huge sigh of relief when his databox buzzed and began streaming data that ended in a map color-coded with mission targets.

Rising to his feet he looked around the room at his supposed fellow soldiers. There was Merk who had raped a little girl and laughed as she bled. Pierre who had a fascination with lighting living beings on fire. Terrek once forced a small boy to murder his entire family, wrapping his big hand around the child's and forcing his finger to pull the trigger. Finally there was Kiln. He had done nothing so reprehensible as the others. But he had been there for all of it. And laughed. Always his high-pitched stuttering laughter crackled in the background of each attrocity.

Cocker killed him first.

The others followed shortly.

This is Cocker reporting in. I'm proceeding as planned to Generator 7.

Without a backwards glance he strode from the barracks out into the lengthening shadows of the late afternoon.


Fires burned and plasma ripped through the air leaving an acrid stink in its wake. Zeo breathed in the smoke and sting like ambrosia. It was only there, in the squalor of battle, that he felt comfortable. The rest of life was a strange sort of ghost world. Only on the battlefield could one live without consequences.

Sweeping down the street parallel to Shade he wrecked havok on anything ahead of him and felt no pity for it.

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    • I'm in. — Zeo, Thu Mar 17 9:21pm
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