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So uh yeah. Posting. :D
Mon Jun 13, 2011 3:52pm

Demios let off two ringing blasts of plasma, which joined Kryce's cannon fire to cut the legs out from a reinforced gun tower. The sniper fire that had been pouring from it immediately died out as the structure began it's wrenching descent towards the ground, shrieks of soldiers and metal piercing the air.

If felt good to cause some havoc, Demios thought to himself.

Demios, Kryce and a few of the other more heavily armed and armored mercs finished their rear guard action and met up with the rest of the inserted mercenaries. "Exit path is secure." Demios reported to Axel as he moved came to a stop.

Axel nodded then turned to Kail. "Alright. I'll take the bulk of our forces and hit the primary and secondary power plants. That should be enough to kill the shield and allow the Alliance forces to begin their invasion of the city."

"Have we got confirmation on Lariam's position?" Kail snarled.

"Scrying isn't as easy as it looks." Dan said his eyes open but clearly not actually looking at them. "Yes. There we go. Underground bunkers under the Palace. Either he's paranoid or they've already managed to move him in response to our intrusion."

"Shit." Muttered Sonmura, as she focused on her "I can't believe you beat me. Yes, he's there. But no, I've kept the alarm systems completely on lock down. Your boy Kaze gave me the key to the castle, as it were. Too bad the auto-defense systems are non-localized."

Kail's eyes narrowed dangerously, "Shut your trap and feed me a position."

Sonmura swallowed hard before clicking the button that highlighted the President General's last known position. When Kail sped out of ear shot, Sonmura finally let out the breath she was holding and muttered, "Douche."


President General Lengistu Caile Lariam was not happy. This was not an unusual state of being for the dictator but no one around him tended to ignore him when he was in such a mood. He wasn't particularly effective in combat as his slightly pudgy frame would indicate. Nor was he the most sane. However, his soldiers had the most respect that his fearsome reputation could produce. In an army of barbarians, he was a butcher.

This all weighed quite heavily on the poor aide who had been tasked with letting the General know that a force had infiltrated the city and their defense networks. As he stood in front of the general's desk, his knees shaking, he knew that he was about to die.

He was right.


Deep under the earth, Dr. Garcia stood at his console, watching over his lab. The Great Fool as he had termed General Lariam was apparently trying to get his attention. He sighed heavily and took his attention away from his work. The pale blue glow from three tanks in the center of the lab dimmed as the light from the comm station brightened and showed The Great Fool's ugly mug. "Yes, President General?" Dr. Garcia said with as much pomp and sincerity he could fake.

"There are enemy troops in my city, Doctor. Your shield has failed." The General said through narrowed eyes.

The Great Fool was indeed foolish. "I assure you, there is nothing wrong with the field but plenty with the handling your inferiors are inflicting on it. Perhaps you even have traitors in your midst."

"...I'll rip them apart." The General said, his anger deftly redirected.

However, it intoned a different sort of urgency in the doctor. If the enemy troops were going to invade the palace, it would only be a matter of time before his operation here was discovered. His agreement with The Great Fool was one of convenience before. He provided the general with trinkets of modern tech for his army, a power field there, a few advanced combat armors there while he was allowed to continue his work uninterrupted under the pretense of "Defense Research."

However, it looked like it would soon back fire on him. He looked to the three glowing tubes. Inside were his greatest creations. Colonies of advanced, self-aware nano machines, networked to provide an intelligence beyond even the greatest reploids! They had unlimited potential! Many reploids could convert mass to energy to store equipment or teleport. Yet, this was power at a completely new level. Infinitely adaptable. Totally autonomous. His creations could save the world! Soon he would breach the layer between the digital and the physical. Soon, pure data could be represented in the real world!

Imagine the possibilities!

No, he wouldn't let these creations into the hands of The Great Fool. He would make the innocent. Pure. Capable of bringing the world the next great advance! And they called him insane...

With only another hour, he could activate them. Perhaps they weren't ready yet but he seemed to have little choice. Hopefully he could secret them away from this battlefield.


The General looked over the edge of his console, spitting the mercenary in front of him with a death glare. Normally, this would cause any citizen of the state into convulsions of panic. However, this mercenary had seen as much death as the General had. Perhaps more.

"You'll kill them all then?" The General asked.

The Mercenary's unblinking violet eyes never moved from the General's face as he nodded. A single blast saber lay at his hip and his armor was dull, black and utilitarian. However, when his lips peeled back over those white teeth and his voice emerged, the General felt fear. Pure, animal fear. "Of course, General. My associates and I will make short work of them. Please don't worry."

The General worried plenty.

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