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Oh goody! :D
Wed Oct 5, 2011 11:58pm

Demios shifted his weight as Damien walked out. Amorallity, eh? I preferthe term pragmatic, thank you very much. He frowned though, since if he was getting the mission, it had to be some seriously bad shit. Maybe assassinate some Dragon Town leader? That would be a pain. He flipped open the file and read it over. Demios's initial frown disappeared as he read over the documents. "Really? This is it? Hell, I could probably do this myself. Find and blow up a bunch of ill-equipped rebels. I mean, it's a simple infiltration job and..."

Aurora looked up from her work at the workstation, interrupting Demios's rambling. Her normally violet eyes were widened and reddened out of proportion thanks to the work mask she wore. "What did Damien mean about amorality?"

"Oh. The Baron of the city state, Rischler, is a real scum bag. Pro-human, murderer, slaver. Lots of nasty stuff. We're working for him to take down some rebels he's got. Looks like the kind of mission he doesn't care enough about to send his own troops in." He looked back at the papers, "Damn. This mission would be perfect for Axel too, what with his familiarity with the terrain." Demios mused, "Lessee, Cylecks is probably a no go. Zeo probably wouldn't care, the way he's gotten."

Aurora frowned, "You're okay working for this kind of guy?" She asked.

Demios shrugged, "If it's not him, it'll be some other asshole. This one, at least, isn't waging war on his neighbors or trying to blow up the world. Better the evil you know than the evil you don't. Besides, these rebels aren't saints either. They've tried assassinating the guy multiple times. Not exactly Mahatma Ghandi here"

That didn't quite sit right with Aurora and she turned back to her work, "I don't think I'd like to be on this mission either. Cutting up slaves and rebels doesn't sound like the thing i want to get my hands in."

Demios smiled towards her back. He had missed much of his little girl growing up. He was still getting surprised by her now and then. While their morals didn't really match up, he respected her decision. He meandered out of the bunk. Between his own double bunk and Demios nearly flattening a kid who made a pass at Aurora, his little family was getting quite the real-estate on base. He headed for the briefing center.

He punched up the computer-console and made a blanket announcement to all available mercenaries. "Alright folks. Conference Room Three. Not one of my usual personal missions, a real one this time. Infiltration might be required, combat certainly will. More details when you get here." He was curious to see who he would get. Then he was curious to see who would walk out when he was done. He absently wondered whether or not he should tell them who they're working for. He probably would get a broader team that way. He pondered as he waited for whomever would show up to arrive.

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