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Rookies... Why did it have to be rookies?
Thu Oct 6, 2011 1:10am

Lina stepped back, droplets of sweat flying from her brow as she moved only to be vaporized by the extreme heat of the beam blade slashing centimeters from the tip of her nose. She brought her own blade about in a parry and backed further for space. Her heel hitting the wall almost tripped her. Frustration and humiliation burned across her cheeks as she struggled to right herself and parry another blow her opponent, a plain black-armored reploid bearing a blue beam saber.

Their blades locked with the jarring crackle of energy fields meeting and striving to push through each other. Off-balance and wielding her blade one-handed, Lina's back quickly thumped against the wall as she shuffled to regain her footing and put her other hand to the hilt of her beam saber. A desperate shove sent the drone back and allowed her to step forward and settle into a comfortable stance.

From there it took her another fifteen minutes to defeat the drone. Fifteen agonizing humiliating minutes.

Zeo met her at the door of the training chamber as the computer core clattered its way towards sleep mode.

“I could have done better.”

Zeo snorted. “Y'think?”

“But I am ready! And... I need the money....” Lina's eyes fell to her armored boots as she spoke, her voice softening. “Like... bad.”

Zeo grunted. “Do what you want then. Just don't get dead. The real world isn't full of training drones. In our line of work you either-”

“-kill or be killed.” Lina finished. “I know.”

***15 minutes later***

"Alright folks. Conference Room Three. Not one of my usual personal missions, a real one this time. Infiltration might be required, combat certainly will. More details when you get here."

Demios's voice boomed through the training room completely shattering Lina's already tenuous concentration on the slow sword forms she was practicing.

That is definitely a bingo.


Cocker grunted and thrust spattering Nareen with his sweat. She moaned and pushed up against him, working perfectly with his rhythm.

“Uh uh uh...”

“Ah-huh. That's it. Just like that. Harder! HARDER! AH!”

The sniper's trembling arms collapsed as he came and he dropped on top of Nareen kissing her sloppily.

Demios's announcement came only shortly after Cocker did. He groaned.

“You better get going.” Nareen teased, flicking sweat-beaded bangs from her eyes.


“Listen buster. That was the last freebie! From now on you're going to at least have to buy me a fucking drink first! So you'd best get off your scrawny ass and get down to that room and go kill somebody!”

Cocker groaned. “C'mon baby. Don't be like that.” He snaked his hand down her stomach and was just starting to get interested in what he found there when she slapped his hand sharply and clamped her legs shut.



***Fifteen minutes later***

Lina sat attentively in the front row of conference room three, staring at Demios as though he were going to start speaking any second with no warning. She flinched when the door banged open and a smallish reploid in drably green armor slouched in. She recognized him but didn't acknowledge it. Just seeing him reminded her of how embarrassingly easily she had been beaten by the strange tattooed woman.

Unfortunately Cocker had no such compunctions and happily slammed his butt down in the seat next to her, cavalierly slinging his sleek rifle in the empty seat next to him.

“Hey beautiful. How's tricks?”

“Cocker.” Lina replied archly. “What a pleasant surprise.”

“It really is isn't it?” Cocker swished freshly washed hair from his forehead with a hand and turned the gesture into a sloppy salute for Demios.

“How many more you expecting boss?”

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