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Sun Oct 9, 2011 3:14am

Demios's frown deepened. Okay, so he wasn't Axel or Maq but he had figured he might get at least a few of the more veteran mercs. Clearly no one liked money any more. He was just about to start when one more mercenary came in. He wore fairly standard reploid armor in a deep orange. He had a pair of plasma pistols belted at his side and Demios's engineer's eyes picked out exhaust ports for jump and hover systems built along his back. Another rookie he barely knew. He quickly accessed the database and came up with the information for "Glaive." Little more than he was a total rookie and his past was largely unknown.

"Well, looks like I got the pick of the litter," Demios muttered under his breath. However, by the scowl that Lina gave him, he figured he was still too loud. "Alright folks, I'll make this short and sweet." He clicked a button and popped up an image of Baron Rischler, "This is our employer, Baron Rischler. He rules one of the siberian city states and is having a little rebel problem." He flicked the holoscreen to a data sheet, "This is what we know about the Troska Liberation Front. Leader's name is Quell. He and the TLF regularly disrupt the regular mining operations and have attempted to assassinate Rischler on several occasions." He flicked it again to and overhead view of the city-state. "This is Troska. They mine a few minerals that are in demand, including a few of the components for omnium."

Cocker yawned loudly, "Where's the point boss?"

Demios glared, "Point is the Baron is hiring us to take care of his Rebel problem. There are two issues. One, finding the rebels and two, eliminating them. Rischler is not a popular leader and the populace is passively against him. Finding the rebels will likely be the hardest part."

"Why is he unpopular?" Asked the newbie, Glaive.

"Murder, manslaughter, profiteering, extorrtion. Things we do every day but can get away with 'cause we're based in the freezone." Demios said with a faint grin, "Guy is scum but he has the credits."

The room went silent before Demios moved on, "The plan currently is to travel to Troska, determine the location of the rebels and then eliminate them. We'll flesh out more details when we're on location." Demios said.

"So we're winging it." Lina said, annoyance bubbling in her voice.

Demios seemed to ignore it, "We'll be interfacing with Baron Rischler, getting what info we can from him and doing our jobs. We meet tomorrow, oh seven hundred hours. Any questions?"

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