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Briefing: part duex
Wed Oct 12, 2011 2:55am

"I'm shocked that nobody asked about pay."

A woman clad in thick red-orange armor with black details and trim walked into the room, shotgun over her shoulder. Her pace was relaxed but quick enough that it didn't take her that long to get near the front of the room.

"Demios, the comm guys pulled me aside while I was coming here to the briefing and they gave me this pack of maps and some news." Handing the packet to Dem she smirked as she looked over the otherwise unimpressive batch of rookies, glad that she was past those days.

"Kaze is already en-route to the target, I think he has a squad of men with him and a boat, so that's good." Liska looked over the new recruits, trying to pick out any familiar faces.

Dem nodded as he looked over the info, "Good. We could use the backup, this is kinda a small squad as is for this kind of mission, particularly since we got a good number of rookies. As for pay, the CO didn't say anything."

"Ah." Liska looked over the assembled group. She'd seen Lina quite often in training, but Glaive was an unknown and Cocker just gave her a bad gaze, "I see you Lina training pretty often, you two guys I don't."

Cocker wiggled his eyebrows as he stared up and down her body, not even bother trying to speak to Liska's face, "Nice equipment, shotgun angel. Maybe I can show you where I got my name Cocker. It gets cold in Russia, if you k..."

Turning to face the last guy, she sighed as she cut off Cocker from finishing his line, "You?"

"Glaive. Nice to be working with you Liska." He extended his hand and Liska shook it. Cocker twisted and stretched his head to get a view of Liska's behind with eyes like a hungry wolf. Liska quickly turned around, but found the man sitting back casually with a grin.

Any of you need help getting prepared for this mission ask now, I don't mind helping you out now when I can. It's not like I had any plans for this afternoon.

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