...and some old friends join them.
Sat Mar 17, 2012 10:35pm

“Wow, ain't this a fancy place.” Cocker said clothed in a rather sporty suit, looking around as they walked on the marble floors. The footsteps of the six mercs echoing in the long hall, His eyes darted from the marble floor to the cyborgs guarding the hall and then to Liska's exposed shoulder to the Man leading them in the front, one mercenary turncoat named 'Wan'.

Liska, who was now clad in a rather well made china dress that fit her figure like a glove, sighed, but otherwise remained quiet for the moment, keeping an eye out for any trouble that may arise. She kept a lingering eye ahead, with quick glances to the side to see if something was tailing them. Her hands kept reaching for non-existent weapons, something that caught Wan's attention.

“You needn't worry, my lord would not dare to double cross mercenaries of your skill...unless you give us reason to.” Wan continued onto the ball room, throwing open the doors with gusto into the room and capturing the attention of the nobles assembled. A long banquet table filled with all kinds of exotic foods covered every inch of the table, and Large caskets of strong drink with taps lined the hall on one side of the hall. Ornate chandlers hung from the ceiling, lighting up the white and gold guided room.

A scrawny man with a olden style trumpet blew into it, adding effect to the entrance of the king's new men, “Baron Rischler's band of elite mercenaries from the Freelance Reploids none the less!” Most of the crowd gasped and cheered as would be expected from nobles trying to show face, though most of the ones clad in military uniform smirked and toasted their comrades and friends.

The Baron, having seemingly known the exact moment the mercenaries were to enter, stood up from his place of honor at the banquet table at the end of the hall on a raised section. Holding a large goblet of pure clear vodka up he saluted the mercenaries as befit knights of the realm, “Mercenaries from the far off land of the Freezone Please, do grant us your company this night. Enjoy yourselves and mingle among our humble abode.” While the goblet was gently swung up to salute, captivating the nobles with this act of nobility, his cold glare connected with Demios along with a nod.

Demios nodded in return, a symbol of his understanding, “Keep the nobles happy, whatever that may imply, and don't forget to grab some food along the way, we'll get nothing to eat in the barracks till morning.”

Liska moved silently into the crowd, she wasn't used to this glitz and glamor of this kind. While the nobles were now a lot more reserved at the moment, she did notice that the air of the place did seem rather calming, if stuffy, and people were slowly wondering around the hall. Moving over to the buffet table, she grabbed a plate and started to eye up the mounds of meat that laid before at that moment. Slowly, she started to carve herself some of the prime cuts of meat.

“Ah, one of the freelancers?” Liska turned around to face a man in his mid twenties dressed in an officer's uniform. He looked to be of fairly low rank though, so it was likely he was a field officer who personally led men into battle.

Liska moved slightly to the side, nodding as she picked up some mixed vegetables, “Yes sir.” She then turned to face him properly. He had now come fairly close to her, “I'm Liska.”

Stepping back slightly, he looked at her face intensely, “You really do resemble her... mind if you were to join me for a bit?”

Forgetting that she was to keep on acting prim and proper, Liska's head tilted to the side, “Waa, uh, sure.” Liska shuffled over to the table where the other man moved to sit down to eat.

“My name is Captain Stalin. I... lost my fiance in the previous terrorist attack. You look just like her.” He took a bite of his steak, the juicy meat falling off the fork as he bit into it.

- - - - -

“Well, well! What a fine group of young buds we got here!” A group of young lasses turned to see Cocker, clean as the cars the ladies arrived in.

A lady clad in an ice-blue dress in the group put a fan to her face, covering the mouth and nose from view, “Ohh... a playboy among the mercenaries?”

- - - - -

Glaive and Lina sighed as the both shared a table, figuring for now to stay put and observe the crowd. They dug into plates piled high of real food, a rare treat for Lina. Kaze, with Shinsei hovering nearby, settled down as well.

After an awkward silence, Kaze turned to Lina eyes scanning her upper half for some kind of identifying feature, “You look familiar...”

- - - - -

Deimos walked up to a man whose description fit the one he was given back in the barracks. Apparently, this was supposed to be pleasure, of the snooty kind, and business mixed together, “General Stalin?”

An older man with a pair of scars over his right eye turned to face Deimos, two large mugs of the purest Vodka Deimos had ever seen, “Demois,” Handing Deimos the full mug, he grinned for a short moment, “No guest should go without a strong drink.” After this, he turned into all work once more, a cold, firm look over his features, “Tell me about the men and women you brought.”

“Well...” Demois took a swig of his drink before continuing. This was going to take a while.

- - - - -

“Like... her?” Liska asked, ingloriously cutting her tender steak with the fork and eating it like pulled pork.

“Yes Comrade. She was one of the most gorgeous women I had ever seen. She was a humble women, just the daughter of the weapon factory's head foreman. But then those terrorist tried to assassinate the Baron, and a stray shot killed her.” Liska has already eaten nearly half of her food by now, though she started to slow up as she listened to the man's story. “We had to have a closed casket for the funeral, her head... her beautiful face wiped from this world.”

“That's, wow. That's cruel.” Liska said, “I mean, I've seen plenty of limbs and the like shot and burnt to pieces, but to have a friend's face like that? I feel for you.

Silently, he returned to his food as did Liska.

- - - - -

“... And that's how I, Cocker single handily destroyed the entire city state of Ducandia with one shot from my rifle.” His head bobbled slightly back and forth has his eyes started to remain unable to focus on the faces of the women in front of him, instead angling down to the valley between the mounds of flesh.

The woman in front of him, clad in a blue dress put her hand under her chin , then raised up his face to meet her face, “You don't look so good... maybe you should take a bit of a rest.” she nodded her head to the bathroom.

Cocker made a more or less straight line to the bathroom, putting the empty mug that had contained his 7th serving of Vodka for the night on a attendant's empty platter.

- - - - -

General Stalin took a sip of his 2nd mug of Vodka. Slow sips, then some swishing before swallowing. “Such an interesting group you've assembled. It looks like we will be able to get along just fine, some of us on more than a professional level.” As the waltz music started up, he pointed to Liska and Captain Stalin, with the good captain leading Liska outside to a balcony, before Deimos could react, the General interrupted him, “It's okay, the boy's be though some times lately, that girl looks like someone close to him. My son by the way will be acting as part of the clean up squad. They'll make sure the terrorists don't escape their base alive, so all you'll have to do is go in and kill them while smoking them out of their hole.”

“Your son sir?”

- - - - -

“It is so much better out here when dancing than inside.” The young mad said as he lead Liska to the edge of the platform, then smiled as she looked out across the city. It was odd, with the city underground and ragged, but it was in a way unique. As Liska looked on, Stalin wrapped his arms around Liska's stomach gently.

Looking up, Liska frowned. “Captain Stalin...”

“I know you can't replace her, nor would I want you to. It's just... I never got to say goodbye to her. Would you give me the honor?” Turning in his arms, Liska looked up, a look of concern lighting up her features as she saw a familiar form hiding in the shadows above them, several in fact.

“Popcorn Ninjas!”

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