Little concern
Sat Sep 1, 2012 11:52am

Demios was listening patiently, if a bit boredly, as General Stalin began again on his favorite topic so far: His own army. The relatively gigantic mercenary had figured this man out pretty quick. He had started by asking him about the Freelancers and now the general expected the same courtesy. Whatever keeps the client happy, I guess.

Of course when the yell of 'Popcorn Ninjas!' pierced the hubbub of the noble hall, the general stopped in mid-sentence. The guards quickly went for their weapons and nearly as quickly, Demios noticed one of the Popcorn Ninjas barelling towards him, descending from some perch near the ceiling. Demios let one massive hand reach out and grab the Popcorn ninja's breast plate mid jump, illicting a short gasp from the surrounding dignitaries. Really, even before his upgrades these things were little concern.

He quickly switched over to his multispectral sensor suite and easily detected the rest, "Six more." He called to the other Freelancers as he hurled the Popcorn Ninja he held in his hand across the room and into another. The two crumpled into each other before shattering across the wall from the force of Demios's throw.

"Now, General, you were telling me about the Tundra Skimmers." He said nonchalantly.

((OOC: Just something to possibly, but probably not, get the ball rolling again.))

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