In Which Little Occurs.
Tue Dec 4, 2012 12:47am

Cocker leaned back on his heels and examined his tie as the toilet flushed the meager contents of his stomach away with a polite chime. The tie, a hideous red color the city-provided tailor had assured him was the height of vogue, appeared to have survived unscathed. Satisfied with that the sniper stumbled up to his feet and made his painful way to the sink.

A muffled thump forced his attention away from the running water and Cocker blearily stuck his head out of the bathroom in time to see the bits and pieces of a popcorn ninja come to rest on the imported marble floor.

Turning to the waiter, still holding his mug, Cocker worked his lips soundlessly several times before daring to vocalize. All he managed was “Whu?”

On the other side of the gargantuan ballroom Lina came sharply to her feet much to Glaive's surprise. He didn't understand how the girl had managed to walk down the hall in her arching stiletto heels and now she was smoothly stalking across the ballroom with nary a sound from them.

Of course Lina couldn't help but glance back to catch her fellow mercenary's surprised expression one more time. It seemed there were certain advantages to her former profession after all. “Coming?”

Twenty steps above the chaos Baron Rischler swirled the purported vodka in his goblet (actually perfectly distilled ice-cold water) and leaned back in his chair. The ninja were cheap but it would still be interesting to see how the mercenaries handled them. A slight test before he unleashed them on his city. The only pity was that he dared not hire men. Not after the massacre in the very same ballroom less than a month earlier.

Below him Wan mouthed near-silent orders and smiled as the Royal Guard discretely removed themselves from sight.

“Ninja sir.”

Cocker blinked. “Huh?”

“We appear to be under attack by ninja.”

Cocker thought for a second. Then: “Oh.”

“My thoughts precisely sir.”

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