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Mon Mar 24, 2014 1:31am

Spacecraft were expensive, even with government subsidies for the expansion of humanity. Sure, dozens of unmanned drones had been sent out across the cosmos, but the most recent of those were decades old. After the Maverick Wars, people--both organic and synthetic--had become incredibly selfish. They had dedicated themselves towards the singular purpose of survival.

Axel sighed as he considered the implications of his decisions. The Freelance Reploids had taken him in when he was just a discarded construction robot. Of course, that was only part of the story. He was one of the first generation Reploids, built by Dr. Cossack for the sole purpose of masterminding the establishment and colonization of a new Earth. He'd become sidetracked by Maverick sibling units, and had managed to suppress his purpose for several years as he built his fortune through contracted missions. But that nagging sensation was always present, gnawing at his conscience, and demanding that he fulfill it.

And so, he had fought for pay. He maintained his moral compass, only accepting assignments that agreed with his view of how things should be. But nevertheless, Axel was still a soldier of fortune for many years. He even assumed command of the Freelance Reploids for a couple years, not through desire, but through necessity. When he was eventually relieved of his command, he wasn't offended. On the contrary: he was indeed relieved. His retirement came shortly thereafter, and he spent two years as a civilian, catching up on current events. It was truly amazing how far one could fade from the world, while secretly helping to save it from itself.

Investing his accumulated fortune into an interstellar exploration project, Axel was quite unprepared for the cluster... that suddenly emerged. His xenopod exploded in a shower of fire one day. His four-hundred employees--humans and reploids alike--perished as the nuclear fire engulfed the launch pad. In an instant, Axel's entire savings, and what was to be the culmination of his life's work, was destroyed. From his one-room apartment, he watched the inferno on the evening news, and promptly silenced his comlink, knowing reporters would be pounding at his door for his official statement.

Axel had no official statement. What he had was entirely unofficial. Someone had destroyed his life's work. Someone had directly sabotaged his plans to build Humanity a new home. Someone was responsible for hundreds of deaths.

Someone was going to pay.

Axel spat into the corner, and rose to his feet. A green flash filled the one-room apartment as his combat armor materialized around him for the first time in over a year. Yes. Someone was going to pay. He tapped a few buttons on his wall console, and called up an old friend.

"Cylecks, it's Axel. I'm calling in all the favors. Meet me at the Mephistopheles crash site at 0200."

    • Hope Rides AloneCylecks, Mon Mar 24 2:51am
      It was a relatively quiet evening in a once ill famed Arizona town. That was another era though, one of grit, lead, and huckleberries. Tonight the freezone town had only a fight between quarry... more
      • This could be fun...Demios, Mon Mar 24 11:43pm
        "Well now, I haven't seen you in a while." Demios mused aloud as a vaguely familiar figure entered his line of vision. From the Reploid's perspective, the figure of Asiv, the digital fairy, fluttered ... more
        • HuntedAxel, Tue Mar 25 12:23am
          Axel placed several calls to anyone he could think of that might either owe a favor, or be willing to be owed one. He bypassed the FR's front desk outright, instead appealing to the mercs directly.... more
          • The Call:Liska, Wed Mar 26 4:12am
            OOC: (Holy crap! You guys are all still alive? We need to exchange contact info.) The routine pounding of rookies marching for miles on end to the tune of Sarge's voice, the glare of the summer on... more
            • Breakin' the LawAxel, Sun Mar 30 1:07am
              The wail of sirens echoed through the megastructures of Dockport City, as Axel veered left and right through the labyrinthine metroplex. Hunters had wasted no time in scrambling their air defense... more
              • A lovely nightDemios, Fri Apr 11 10:06pm
                The wasteland stretched in every direction. Weathered dirt and rocks punctuated regularly by twisted wreckage. Demios didn't even need to switch to his multi-spectral scanners to determine this zone... more
                • Something Different for a DayZeo Grey, Thu Apr 17 12:12am
                  Somewhere deep in the Free Zone a battle raged. Not an important battle on a world scale. Nothing so grand as the last great war between the Mavericks and the Maverick Hunters. This was a small petty ... more
                  • Long time no seeAxel, Thu Apr 17 9:11pm
                    Axel's flight across the Gulf had given him time to think. The explosion, watching his life's work go up in flames, running from the was all very reactive. Reactive, out of... more
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