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Hope Rides Alone
Mon Mar 24, 2014 2:51am

It was a relatively quiet evening in a once ill famed Arizona town. That was another era though, one of grit, lead, and huckleberries. Tonight the freezone town had only a fight between quarry workers and a dispute between an angry reploid and his drunk mechanic. Light work for the Marshall; light work indeed.

The Marshall made his rounds about the small town like a sentinel of yesteryear. Walking his beat and generally making his presence known after making an arrest. In this town of 1000 he was all the Law left. Hard to tell how long he had been there. Quarry work broke men and roid alike. The old timer's agreed, he kept the trouble down and there hadn't been a raid since he'd taken post. As rough as the freezone was, Tombstone had com to learn relative peace.

Clad in black duster lined with crimson, a wide brimed stetson, and a set of unwaivering brown eyes. Even deliberate steps and a pivoting survey assured the town of his vigilance. The marshall was a part of this almost forgotten place. Yet the large star he wore gave a few security, and some would dare to say hope.

"Marshall", greeted an old timer cordially. A nod was all the necessary response the marshall needed to return. As the lawman strode his beat, the old timer looked his way once more. "Catch the news before turning in", the man said stepping into his doorframe.

"Will do Doc", replied a confident, but calm, voice.

Tombstone stayed quiet that evening. Closing his own doors and sitting at his desk, the Marshall turn on his newsfeed as he noticed the blinking icon on his comm.

"sitting at a loss of 400 hundred dead or critically injured...the exploration ships detonation today has been hailed as the greatest space disaster since the Eurasia incident in the Repliforce Coup...", assessed the news anchor. The calm brown eyes steeled themselve as the marshalls left hand accessed his messages.

"Cylecks, it's Axel. I'm calling in all the favors. Meet me at the Mephistopheles crash site at 0200.", sound an accent unmistakable to the Marshall. a voice that he'd followed to hell an back. A voice that was calling too coincidential to a disaster.

The marshall tossed his badge and hat on his desk. Witha younger voice, he spoke. "Ladies, wake up I just had my marker called", resolutely spoke the marshall. His fine coat and suit separated into bladed threads revealing his dark armor and jeweled chest. The threads melted aand congealled formy to liquid wings befor forming their semi solid state. The hat and star melt into a silver and black pools respectively. Rising from the pools were two pixie like figures. The Marshall opened his desk drawer and pulled out a crimson faceplate visor.

"It's been quite a while", stated the darker pixie.

"And entirely too boring", chimed the silver one.

The marshall slid his familiar device over his face and focused. His ebony and crimson palette gave way to a white and gold. His chest jewel shifted as he stood.

"enough pleasantries, we have work to do", he said already deep in in thought to the memories of that old battleground.

"Why so serious", chirped the silver angel like avatar.

"Shall I call the few people you could label as friends sir", inquired the dark sprite.

"If you can. It seems like our former commander is going to be looking for trouble", explained the knightly looking reploid as he opened his skylight.

"Then shouldn't he have called he called Kail, Zeo, Deimos, or even Kryce", joked the silver fairy as she shifted into nanite particles and absorbed into the reploid.

"Ever the sweet tongued bitch", chided the dark sprite, coordinates locked and channels open, a shame you ditched my favorite color scheme." Like the silver fairy, the dark fair immersed herself in her hosts system.

"Thank you Asiv, Visa do some Data mining and get me caught up on the world", The marshall gaveway to his older self.

"This is Cylecks, all debts will be paid"

The communication would hopefully not go unanswered as the angel inspired merc took to the sky for the first time in ages.

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    • Hope Rides Alone — Cylecks, Mon Mar 24 2:51am
      • This could be fun...Demios, Mon Mar 24 11:43pm
        "Well now, I haven't seen you in a while." Demios mused aloud as a vaguely familiar figure entered his line of vision. From the Reploid's perspective, the figure of Asiv, the digital fairy, fluttered ... more
        • HuntedAxel, Tue Mar 25 12:23am
          Axel placed several calls to anyone he could think of that might either owe a favor, or be willing to be owed one. He bypassed the FR's front desk outright, instead appealing to the mercs directly.... more
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            • Breakin' the LawAxel, Sun Mar 30 1:07am
              The wail of sirens echoed through the megastructures of Dockport City, as Axel veered left and right through the labyrinthine metroplex. Hunters had wasted no time in scrambling their air defense... more
              • A lovely nightDemios, Fri Apr 11 10:06pm
                The wasteland stretched in every direction. Weathered dirt and rocks punctuated regularly by twisted wreckage. Demios didn't even need to switch to his multi-spectral scanners to determine this zone... more
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