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This could be fun...
Mon Mar 24, 2014 11:43pm

"Well now, I haven't seen you in a while." Demios mused aloud as a vaguely familiar figure entered his line of vision.

From the Reploid's perspective, the figure of Asiv, the digital fairy, fluttered ephemerally a few inches above the rich oaken desk that Demios sat in front of. "And your interal systems aren't trying to disassemble my code this time. An improvement." Asiv said with a smirk.

"To what do I owe the honor?" Demios asked.

"Cyckie is looking to call in a few favors." Asiv said.

Demios's right eye brow arched over his synthetic eye, "Really now? Of what variety?" Demios certainly had more at his disposal now when it came to favors.

The reploid had always been wise to keep his business flowing inside and outside the Stomping Grounds while he had exercised his tenure there. The considerable amount of money he had made as a mercenary was routinely reinvested in a variety of outside projects. While Aurora might have been his crowning achievement as a designer and the Mars Mark II now had action figures of it floating around the richer parts of the planet, it was his weaponry deals that had earned him a king's ransom.

Just the multi-phase sabers, pioneered by Zeo Grey, alone had made him rich. Between those, his considerable improvements to plasma laser tech and his ether drive interactions... Well, Demios certainly had done his share to improve the quality of death dealing on the planet.

Demios kept his fortune and involvement in said companies quiet. However, that an old friend was here looking for favors, he couldn't help but wonder if the objective was financial in nature.

Asiv smirked ever so slightly, "Field work, I would assume."

This elicited a guffaw from the titan reploid, "Really now! I haven't gotten my hands dirty in years! What, did Zenith decide she wanted to resurrect their lover's duel?"

Asiv's face darkened ever so slightly, "...Let's not go there."

A chime triggered in the back of Demios's head, and a news item of note filtered through the adaptive matrix's net. Demios's face fell as he was informed of the explosion of Axel's project. "...This is via Axel, isn't it?"

The fairy nodded. "An investment of yours, as well, if I'm not mistaken?"

Demios frowned at the fairy but it soured into a wry smile, "If you ever decide you want a data job outside of Cyleck's head, let me know. Yes, I invested in a few things that paved the way for Axel's success. I owed the guy that much at least. Let's not let him know. Axel never did much approve of my... Modus operandi."

She waved it off, "If you're going to help out, meet at the Mephistophele's crash site at 0200 tonight."

The mercenary turned business man climbed to his feet. It would be good to wear the old combat armor again. "I'll be there."

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