The Call:
Wed Mar 26, 2014 4:12am

OOC: (Holy crap! You guys are all still alive? We need to exchange contact info.)

The routine pounding of rookies marching for miles on end to the tune of Sarge's voice, the glare of the summer on the sand, the summer sun baking the rooftops of the base. These were all now part of daily life for Liska. The past two years had been interesting, freelancers came and went with increased frequency, without any real new mercs staying to build a rep with the base. but most importantly, of all was the talent drain that followed the departure of Axel, Cy, Demois, and quite a few others. Granted, Axel and Demois were rich with their well earned blood money, and Cy was always on a personal quest of some kind, but was more than likely also not wanting for coin.

Liska on the other hand, didn't have the long backlog of missions that would lead up to such a stash. Nay, while by default she was climbing the merc ladder quite fast, it was more than easily explained by the raw scale of the talent drain, as well as her aggressive stance on taking missions left and right that pushed her up the track. So here she still was. After several missions back to back, she afforded herself a mini vacation of sorts.

Clad in her bikini, baking once more on the hot rooftop of the FR barracks under the sun, her ears perked up when a familiar ringing went off on the table next to her.

"Liska, it's Axel. Meet me at the Mephistopheles crash site at 0200."

Sighing at the name of one of her former CO's, Liska started to pack up her rooftop encampment. It looked like a much more interesting event was going down.

  • HuntedAxel, Tue Mar 25 12:23am
    Axel placed several calls to anyone he could think of that might either owe a favor, or be willing to be owed one. He bypassed the FR's front desk outright, instead appealing to the mercs directly.... more
    • The Call: — Liska, Wed Mar 26 4:12am
      • Breakin' the LawAxel, Sun Mar 30 1:07am
        The wail of sirens echoed through the megastructures of Dockport City, as Axel veered left and right through the labyrinthine metroplex. Hunters had wasted no time in scrambling their air defense... more
        • A lovely nightDemios, Fri Apr 11 10:06pm
          The wasteland stretched in every direction. Weathered dirt and rocks punctuated regularly by twisted wreckage. Demios didn't even need to switch to his multi-spectral scanners to determine this zone... more
          • Something Different for a DayZeo Grey, Thu Apr 17 12:12am
            Somewhere deep in the Free Zone a battle raged. Not an important battle on a world scale. Nothing so grand as the last great war between the Mavericks and the Maverick Hunters. This was a small petty ... more
            • Long time no seeAxel, Thu Apr 17 9:11pm
              Axel's flight across the Gulf had given him time to think. The explosion, watching his life's work go up in flames, running from the was all very reactive. Reactive, out of... more
              • Prime DirectiveKaze, Mon Apr 21 10:24am
                Cold blue light reflected in Kaze's eyes, tinging orange as the space coast lit up in starfire. He played the recording back, noting the blast characteristics of flash, plume, and pressure wave. Even ... more
                • Interrupting ReploidZeo Grey, Mon Apr 21 11:50pm
                  ***The Stomping Grounds*** “You're loading pretty heavy.” Cocker said, watching as Lina examined weapons and slid them away into sleek holsters. “Like... REALLY heavy.” Lina said nothing, instead she ... more
                  • A close call.Liska, Tue Apr 22 9:12pm
                    Liska had just arrived in her room when a familiar fairy popped up in her HUD. She had just seen Lina, a merc she knew was under Zeo's supervision at one time, head to the hanger moments before.... more
                    • And on we goDemios, Wed Apr 23 9:40pm
                      The assembling mercs were an odd assortment but Demios wasn't terribly surprised to see so many show up. It wasn't Demios's preferred currency but the trust and loyalty that Axel bartered in clearly... more
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