Breakin' the Law
Sun Mar 30, 2014 1:07am

The wail of sirens echoed through the megastructures of Dockport City, as Axel veered left and right through the labyrinthine metroplex. Hunters had wasted no time in scrambling their air defense units, and even though he had long since outdistanced the ground patrols, he hadn't escaped yet. The Free Zone was a lawless land where anyone with enough power--physical, political, or financial--could get away with just about anything. This wasn't the Free Zone. This was a populated city, formerly known as Cape Canaveral, and was the global hub for spacefaring traffic.

And damn was it well defended.

A stream of blue plasma pulses zipped past the former merc. Axel responded by doing the exact opposite of what someone would expect: He charged into the attack. Pivoting mid-air, Axel ignited his thrusters in the opposite direction, rocketing towards the trio of jetsled-riding Hunters. He engulfed himself in blue-white flames, dispersing the projectiles that struck him even as he himself turned into a living meteor of destruction. The three Hunters broke away, darting off in separate directions. Drawing on the power of his Ether drive, he conjured three orbs of magical light, setting them to orbit around his head. He resumed his escape vector on a slow two-jet burn, methodically directing each of the three spheres towards one of the hunters. As each sphere sped off, he summoned another to replace it, then sent that one on an attack trajectory as well.

It wasn't long before the three Hunters had regrouped and resumed their chase. The magical spheres did no damage--indeed they vanished on impact--and the confusion they caused quickly wore off. The three hunters closed in on the target--easily identified now, due to the way Axel had kept them rotating around his head. A perfect beacon in the night.

He chuckled to himself, as the three Hunters opened fire, catching what was supposed to be Axel in the crossfire. Rookies...gotta love 'em. He'd left the three spheres orbiting nothing, as he dropped away from them in a stealthy free-fall. After a couple hundred feet, he kicked into a full six-jet burn. Yes, they saw jet exhaust alright, but by the time they had readjusted their course, Axel was well on his way out of the city, soaring out over the open ocean. He dipped low, below radar, and skimmed the waves for the next several hundred miles. His path took him in an arc out over Gulf of Mexico, then turning northwards towards the safety of the Free Zone.

"Safety of the Free Zone," Axel muttered to himself. "There's a phrase I never thought I'd say."

  • The Call:Liska, Wed Mar 26 4:12am
    OOC: (Holy crap! You guys are all still alive? We need to exchange contact info.) The routine pounding of rookies marching for miles on end to the tune of Sarge's voice, the glare of the summer on... more
    • Breakin' the Law — Axel, Sun Mar 30 1:07am
      • A lovely nightDemios, Fri Apr 11 10:06pm
        The wasteland stretched in every direction. Weathered dirt and rocks punctuated regularly by twisted wreckage. Demios didn't even need to switch to his multi-spectral scanners to determine this zone... more
        • Something Different for a DayZeo Grey, Thu Apr 17 12:12am
          Somewhere deep in the Free Zone a battle raged. Not an important battle on a world scale. Nothing so grand as the last great war between the Mavericks and the Maverick Hunters. This was a small petty ... more
          • Long time no seeAxel, Thu Apr 17 9:11pm
            Axel's flight across the Gulf had given him time to think. The explosion, watching his life's work go up in flames, running from the was all very reactive. Reactive, out of... more
            • Prime DirectiveKaze, Mon Apr 21 10:24am
              Cold blue light reflected in Kaze's eyes, tinging orange as the space coast lit up in starfire. He played the recording back, noting the blast characteristics of flash, plume, and pressure wave. Even ... more
              • Interrupting ReploidZeo Grey, Mon Apr 21 11:50pm
                ***The Stomping Grounds*** “You're loading pretty heavy.” Cocker said, watching as Lina examined weapons and slid them away into sleek holsters. “Like... REALLY heavy.” Lina said nothing, instead she ... more
                • A close call.Liska, Tue Apr 22 9:12pm
                  Liska had just arrived in her room when a familiar fairy popped up in her HUD. She had just seen Lina, a merc she knew was under Zeo's supervision at one time, head to the hanger moments before.... more
                  • And on we goDemios, Wed Apr 23 9:40pm
                    The assembling mercs were an odd assortment but Demios wasn't terribly surprised to see so many show up. It wasn't Demios's preferred currency but the trust and loyalty that Axel bartered in clearly... more
                    • Back in BusinessCylecks, Thu May 1 7:38pm
                      ((Cylecks: Any luck?)) ((Visa: Found Liska, and some rookies who owe you.)) ((Asiv: Demios is on board and ahead of you. As usual i might add, and looking quite dapper.)) Gold wings pulled away the... more
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