A lovely night
Fri Apr 11, 2014 10:06pm

The wasteland stretched in every direction. Weathered dirt and rocks punctuated regularly by twisted wreckage. Demios didn't even need to switch to his multi-spectral scanners to determine this zone was hot. Duncadia, a city-state made up entirely of reploids, cared little for the lethal amounts of radiation that most of their reactors leaked. Eliminating the shielding kept their weapons noticably lighter! When the Mephistopheles crashed here, hundreds of such reactors including the massive central one, helped blast the wasteland free of any life whatsoever. In the dark of the moonless night, the faintest glow could be seen from the depths of the wreckage. The last sputtering light of Duncadia and a reminder of its destructive death throws.

Of course, there were still those brave enough to scavenge the area. He had even spotted a couple of the mutated and twisted wretches who made their livelihoods from pulling delapitated pieces of technology from the grave of Duncadia's Emperor. Of course, none of them were stupid enough to make a move at Demios. He was clearly far too healthy, well armed and armored, for any but the most foolhardy of mutants to attack.

His internal chronometer told him he was only a few minutes early. Then again, punctuality was never the Freelancer's strong spot. Their arrival always seemed to follow the Laws of Dramatics rather than timeliness. However, if there ever was one who had mastered the art of mixing the two, it was the flaming bolt of a reploid who burned his way through the night sky towards the area.

Demios keyed his internal comm system, "Lovely night for a evening flight, Commander."

The slight delay, Demios took for surprise, "I'm surprised you're one of the first ones here. There's no profit in this mission, after all."

Demios laughed, "Well, there's profit to be had in the most unlikely of places. In fact, I'm using this little excursion as an excuse to try out a new bit of battle tech. You'd probably like it."

"I bet." Came back the final comm signal before Axel touched down in front. The two armored Mercs eyed each other, their forest green armor making them an odd sort of twins. In the heyday of the Freelancers, Demios and Axel both were amongst the strongest mercs physically as well as providing some of the largest firepower individually. Both were leadership capable and neither preferred the burden of that responsibility. They had saved each other's hides in numerous scrapes and battles.

And yet, for all the commradery that would engender and all the respect the two shared, there was a common wariness. For all their similarities, Axel and Demios's motivations and personalities were diametrically opposed. The White Knight and the Black Knight respectively.

"So," Demios began, breaking the silence, "Who else do you think will show?"

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