Zeo Grey
Interrupting Reploid
Mon Apr 21, 2014 11:50pm

***The Stomping Grounds***

“You're loading pretty heavy.” Cocker said, watching as Lina examined weapons and slid them away into sleek holsters. “Like... REALLY heavy.”

Lina said nothing, instead she clamped a saber emitter into place on her right gauntlet then a shield emitter to her left. The solid clicks felt good. Were she the sort to consider it at this point Lina might take a moment to think how far she had come from her first set of dull blue armor. What she wore now was a work of deadly art. Black as death and brimming with hidden sheaths and holsters to accommodate the dozens of blades, blasters, grenades, and assorted trickery that she had come to know intimately over the course of the past two years.

Zeo was her first teacher. Perhaps her greatest teacher. By the end she knew what it took to become what she sought to be.



A ruthless removal of all the softer emotions. Love and tenderness were weaknesses in the armor of war.

He was not the last though.

The last was a reploid known as Renaissance. Lina did not speak of what she learned from him.

When only her beam saber remained Lina looked at Cocker. “Try not to die.”


“While I'm gone. Try not to die.”

Cocker made a face. “When did you start trying to grow a sense of humor?”

“I didn't.”

***The desert of the Free Zone***

“Tell me this isn't a revenge mission.”

The Ride Chaser was suitable so far as that went. A simple model stripped down for speed. Nothing Demios would have found interesting. But certainly fast.

Fast enough that the whine of the Chaser put every ex-mercenary at the edge of the Ducandian crater on high alert.

For Demios that was simply priming his buster and pointing it at the on-coming Ride Chaser. Despite his many injuries early on in his career the grenadier's armor was now so thick and durable he found little to fear.

“Oi! Identify yourself!”

The reply crackled and popped.

Axel checked the band via battle visor. He dialed in the frequency and found half-remembered instincts surging to the fore.

“It's an old Freelancer band.” Clicking his COMM on Axel continued. “Oncoming rider identify yourself or get vaped.”

“I got your message.”

“Great. Who the fuck are you?”

There was a brief pause, almost as though the rider were considering how to answer the question. Longer than Axel liked.


After a few moments she closed on the four ex-Freelancers coming to a smooth stop before them.

“So. Lina.” Axel began once the noise of the Chaser's engines had begun to die down. “Who are you and why are you here?”

“My name is Lina. A cyber fairy told me you were planning to do some 'old school Freelance Reploid stuff.'”

“It is possible.” Demios said. “But that doesn't mean you're invited.”

Visa appeared on his HUD. On everyone that had such a thing actually.

“The thing is you probably do. She's Zeo's girl. The one he was training there towards the end of your tenure. Coming up with Aurora y'know?”

Kaze shrugged. He'd hardly had time for fresh meat by then.

Demios found himself trying to fit the face to memories. Axel went the more direct route.

“Why does that mean I want her along.”

“First off because she survived being his student.” Visa said, ticking points off on her fingers as she went. “Secondly because she's turned into quite the deadly woman. Bon Nuit Culling? That was her. Siege of Kiev, involved in that. Assassination of Taka Heshi? Any of this ringing any bells?”

“I know about the Siege of Kiev.”

Lina held up a hand to stop Visa from replying. She turned to Axel. “If you want me to leave simply tell me to go.”

Staring at the reploid woman Axel's veteran instincts, dull as they were from his time as a civilian, stirred. Something of the CO of the Freelance Reploids remained in him. That critical eye to recognize a finely honed blade.

He grunted. “Try not to die.”

The faintest trace of a smile curled Lina's thin lips. “I will try.”

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