A close call.
Tue Apr 22, 2014 9:12pm

Liska had just arrived in her room when a familiar fairy popped up in her HUD. She had just seen Lina, a merc she knew was under Zeo's supervision at one time, head to the hanger moments before.

"Liska! There you are." Visa said with a gleeful smile.

"Visa? This is a surprise. Is Cylecks going to come visit us?" Liska already knew the answer to her own question, but it was out of reflex.

Giggling, the digital fairy shot her a wry grin, "Well... in a way, yes. You've been paying attention to the news lately?"

Pulling out her combat clothes and armor, Liska took quick inventory of her defensive equipment, "I've been on vacation, but I do normally. Hey Visa, Can you turn off your eyes for a few seconds while I get dressed? I'll call you when I'm ready. Just send me text."


Quickly changing out of her bottom half of the bikini and getting fully dressed from the waist down including her boots. Before she could work on her top half, text started flowing into her HUD.

"Short Story: Axel invested his life savings into spacecraft. Spacecraft blew up. Hunters are after Axel, he needs your help."

By the Time Liska finished reading the sentence and processing it, she was dressed and now putting her armor on, "Damn. Axel's having a rough time. I guess he needs all the help he can get, though I don't think some bounty..."


"...Oh shit. Listen, Visa. Are they coming here to ask us 'questions'? And you can come back on now."

Appearing out of the digital void, Visa shook her head, "So far, no, but I wouldn't be surprised if they did."

Grabbing as much ammo as she could carry, Liska mumbled over to herself as she looked over at a bag of credits she was saving up as an emergency stash.

Visa looked over at the stash as Liska picked up her weapons and headed out the door, grabbing a small amount from the stash as she past it, "I don't think a bribe will make the hunters go away Liska."

"That's not quite the plan. Can you inform the others of my Chaser ID when I get it? I want to kill all comms so we don't get tracked by hunter intel.


"Welcome to Cr... Well, if it ain't the fiery maiden of my dreams."

"Eddie, look, before you even ask, I do not want to star in your next porno. I want to ask you to throw a party."

Otik, who was in the store picking up some random goods for himself, rounded the corner at that instant, "Liska, what has gotten into you? Don't you know what kind of chaos that will cause?"

Liska nodded, "And it's chaos I need."

Otik and Eddie looked at each other and nodded, it wasn't very often, but sometimes a wealthy merc would ask that certain people who would come to the base to bother said merc be 'preoccupied' with alcohol and women. Considering the strong drink and busty service, this wasn't too hard.

Tossing the credits between the two on the table, she looked at the pair, "The Hunters or reporters and who knows what else are likely to be arriving with questions about a friend. Buy them some rounds of strong drink on me... and maybe some company for the night." The credits would be enough to get a small merc team passed out, let alone underpaid, wage slave reporters or Maverick Hunter rookies.


After a long and winding ride, Liska finally managed to reach the crash site of the Mephistopheles. It was only slightly past 0200, so she knew the rest of the crew would be here... somewhere.

She stopped down when she saw the freelancers in the distance. Blinking her light, she turned on her short range ID signal on her chaser and moved in slowly. When she reached the group she pulled her bike under some garbage and turned off the ID signal, "Sorry guys. I had to take some precautions. Hunters or reporters might snoop around our base so I asked Otik to... treat them to some hard drink during their stay.

Eyeing up the team, she sighed, before she could utter a single word, Visa appeared once more, "Hopping to see your boyfriend?"

Ignoring Visa, she walked over to Axel and the rest of the gang, "It's been far too long guys. So, where's Aurora?"

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