And on we go
Wed Apr 23, 2014 9:40pm

The assembling mercs were an odd assortment but Demios wasn't terribly surprised to see so many show up. It wasn't Demios's preferred currency but the trust and loyalty that Axel bartered in clearly had its merits.

Kaze and Shinsei's cool glances told him all he needed to know there. He understood, at an intellectual angle anyway, why they were not fond of him. A while back, Damien had forced him to lead a mission to eliminate a group of rebels harassing a Russian Warlord. Seeing the mercenaries as their chance to get at the Warlord, the rebels had contacted the Freelancers. Shinsei and Kaze had been their contacts and eventually, they agreed to let the Freelancers meet them at their facility. They were given the tour, clearly intended to help convince the Freelancers that their rebellion had merit. Demios had taken the opportunity while they did so to stealthfully drop grenades in key places, and the illequipped rebels didn't even see the explosions coming. The "betrayal" that Kaze and Shinsei so blatantly painted Demios with was, in his mind, the safest and most expedient way to finish the mission with minimal Freelancer casualties. Liska had also been on that mission, but if she had disagreed with Demios's actions, she hadn't made it public.

Damien and their client had been pleased, incidentally.

Lina was a bit of a mystery to him. While he managed to find the archived memory files of their interactions it was... Sparse. Demios had never been on a mission with her, outside of the Time Travel incident, and he knew little. However, if she had managed to survive Zeo's "training" then no doubt she was at least moderately effective.

When Liska asked, "So, where's Aurora?" Demios was forced to shrug.

"I couldn't tell you. She occasionally shoots me a message here or there, and we celebrate her activation day every year, but she's off doing her own thing."

Afterwards, he turned to Axel, "So, we need to scan your body and then scan this area to find Exalt's body, right?"

Axel nodded.

"Alright, I think we can make this quick." He said, before keying his comm unit. He vocalized the transmission, just for dramatics. "Ares Station, send down Mobile Field Base two, if you don't mind. We have a recovery operation to do."

The response was only audible to Demios but a few moments later, a teleporter beam shot down from the sky and a massive truck materialized not too far from them. It was emblazoned with a Logo that matched Demios's armor and titled "Ares Plasma Technology." The truck was roughly the dimensions of the old Pain Bringer, but it did not nearly look like a weapon the way the old line breaker did. Liska let out a low whistle.

"Onboard is a full medical/technical scanner and she should have a field scanner we can use to go over the crash site. It'll be a little rough, what with all the background radiation, but I'm sure we'll manage to make it work." Demios explained as he worked a console on the side of the trailer. A ramp slid down, leading into a functional looking space with equipment enough to do all sorts of technical things. Near the front was a large scanning tube. The emitter dish on top evidenced the area scanner.

"I've also had them register this salvaging and recovery operation with the Free Zone commission. Should look completely legit." Demios explained, "So long as no one has seen you here, Axel, we shouldn't have any Hunter issues." With that, he led them inside. He, of course, didn't much believe what he was saying. After all, nothing ever went that smoothly.

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