Back in Business
Thu May 1, 2014 7:38pm

((Cylecks: Any luck?))

((Visa: Found Liska, and some rookies who owe you.))
((Asiv: Demios is on board and ahead of you. As usual i might add, and looking quite dapper.))

Gold wings pulled away the night as the merc flew toward the crash site. As he flew, the former merc tasks his freeloaders with finding some extra help. He'd no doubt that the Freelancers were still about. Hopefully he'd have enough credits to convince a few lend a hand. At the very least, he'd let the world know he was still alive.

((Cylecks: Any word on Shade?))

((Asiv: No. Still MIA. A pity you're dark clad friends are always so entertaining.))
((Visa: No luck with Sunder or Rift either. Trying to track some of the other pro freelancers, not the best of luck really. Grim is leading Sterling enterprises and doesn't need the money, but he's committed a few resources to you "for old times sake". Kryce is busy with field testing the latest ride armors. I will look into Arin, but I don't think you're going to have the support you're used to Cyckie...or were used to.))
((Asiv: Likely why Axel called on you. You're used to suicide missions and being somebody mercs can count on. Like it not Cylecks, you're the back up.))

Cylecks shrugged as he flew. Conserving energy by using only his wings was much slower than how he was accustomed to traveling. Still he'd want all available power in case things went to hell faster than usual. The Rockbeast was the most efficient form of travel. Still a teleport or transport would have been welcome.

The moonlight reflected as a crimson and silver hue. Cylecks wished he could appreciate the view from the sky and relish how much part of him loved to fly. However, the winged merc so easily fell onto his stoic nature.

((Visa: Cyckie you really need to buy a landchaser or something with some flair.))

((Cylecks: we're not having the makeover discussion before a mission.))

((Asiv: No he doesn't need to change his look. Just start writing poetry and music. Then he'd be perfect for my inteded audience.))

((Cylecks: This is why we can't have nice things. At least you two have less influence over this body.))

Onscreen Cylecks got a message. Without changing course Cylecks displayed it. An old friend sent it.

"I expect you'll be late. Asiv has the alternate coordinates... and obviously when we sit down, you're buying", D

Before Cylecks even began the internal communication. A set of coordinates appeared on his HUD. They hadn't stopped reading his communications. With a slight sigh. Cylecks changed course. It was not worth the arguement.

Flying as he did was slower, but made him unnoticiable. Virtually no thermal signature, too small for most radar, no light emission, and he was flyin above most motion sensor range. Had he known Axel was labled Maverick, then his decision would have been perfect for evading pursuit. In all honesty, Cylecks never understood how lucky he has always been.


A bit later

A familiar knock rang on the on the Garage door. Older mercs might recognize the tune. ACDC...TNT.

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    The assembling mercs were an odd assortment but Demios wasn't terribly surprised to see so many show up. It wasn't Demios's preferred currency but the trust and loyalty that Axel bartered in clearly... more
    • Back in Business — Cylecks, Thu May 1 7:38pm
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