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this is unrelated, but...
Thu May 27, 2010 8:06pm

I just posted. It's only the first half of what I was going to post, but it ended up being so long that I split it up into 2 parts. Part 2 is almost finished and should be up later tonight. Its title (and the title of the second half of this mission): Freelance Reploids: Out of Time!

  • You abandon me again!?Zeo, Thu May 27 4:46pm
    And think you can just waltz in here screaming about Mega Man movies like I'll forgive you!? NAY SHADE. NAY... NEIGH!
    • this is unrelated, but... — Kail, Thu May 27 8:06pm
      • 'Bout time...Demios, Fri May 28 3:07pm
        Where is this rules/objectives post? D: I got a six pack of beer and little to do this evening.
        • FR: Out of Time objective/rulesKail, Fri May 28 5:04pm
          The Freelance Reploids have been randomly scattered across time. One may have ended up in ancient Egypt while another got sent to Woodstock. No 2 mercs were sent to the exact same time, but they may... more
          • HeheheMaq, Fri May 28 6:14pm
            Oh dear Cthulu... I'm already getting so many evil EVIL ideas of things to do to my characters. I know I will enjoy this. I've always enjoyed history, especially pre-history (before humankind). So... more
            • What you did there. I see it.Zeo, Fri May 28 7:32pm
              A couple months of forced CD posts from every player! You're a tricksy bastard Kail and I wouldn't have it any other way.
              • ClarificationKail, Fri May 28 9:42pm
                Actually they don't necessarily have to be CDs. As I said, characters could potentially show up at nearly the same time only a few minutes apart. And even if they don't a character could spend weeks, ... more
                • Got that view as well. (nm)Hilton, Mon May 31 1:04am
                • But more importantly there is time travel. Somethign tells me I'm going Back to the Future . Yeah, I should be stabbed for that pun.
                  • Most definitely you should be!Zeo, Sun May 30 7:01pm
                    And lucky for you I've actually mentioned your character by name in my posts! Good to see you hanging around again Cykie. Try not to drop back into the ether this time eh?
                    • sheeshKail, Sun May 30 7:37pm
                      It's nice to have Cylecks and Maq and Lock and Shade and Shadow Star poking their heads in, but hows about somebody posting in the SG already? I just noticed that the last FIVE posts in the mission... more
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