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What you did there. I see it.
Fri May 28, 2010 7:32pm

A couple months of forced CD posts from every player! You're a tricksy bastard Kail and I wouldn't have it any other way.

  • HeheheMaq, Fri May 28 6:14pm
    Oh dear Cthulu... I'm already getting so many evil EVIL ideas of things to do to my characters. I know I will enjoy this. I've always enjoyed history, especially pre-history (before humankind). So... more
    • What you did there. I see it. — Zeo, Fri May 28 7:32pm
      • ClarificationKail, Fri May 28 9:42pm
        Actually they don't necessarily have to be CDs. As I said, characters could potentially show up at nearly the same time only a few minutes apart. And even if they don't a character could spend weeks, ... more
        • Got that view as well. (nm)Hilton, Mon May 31 1:04am
        • But more importantly there is time travel. Somethign tells me I'm going Back to the Future . Yeah, I should be stabbed for that pun.
          • Most definitely you should be!Zeo, Sun May 30 7:01pm
            And lucky for you I've actually mentioned your character by name in my posts! Good to see you hanging around again Cykie. Try not to drop back into the ether this time eh?
            • sheeshKail, Sun May 30 7:37pm
              It's nice to have Cylecks and Maq and Lock and Shade and Shadow Star poking their heads in, but hows about somebody posting in the SG already? I just noticed that the last FIVE posts in the mission... more
              • Hmm...Demios, Sun May 30 7:43pm
                Hmm... Considering you told us we should wait on you, you taking the last 5 posts of the mission isn't exactly surprising. For the note, in the month of may (which ends in a couple of hours, so feel... more
                • Your excuses sicken me!Kail, Sun May 30 8:15pm
                  That's rubbish. Don't muddy the issue with what I said and didn't say. All I know is it's now convenient for me to pay attention to the game so everybody else should be gung ho.
                  • BWAHAHAHAAA!!!Maq, Thu Jun 3 2:16pm
                    I'm so going to enjoy this. I just made the first post for my part of the mission. I'm actually hoping nobody followed me. I wanna see how the poor girl does on her own. But if someone wants to... more
                    • What is there to explore?Demios, Thu Jun 3 10:32pm
                      Hey, rocks! And... Air! Annnnnnd... Water! D: And Trilobites apparently.
                  • Well, I personally don't like to do CD's in the middle of a mission, as I'd like to keep my focus on the mission at hand. However, as soon as you posted the whole plan for this mission I have been... more
                  • p.s.Kail, Sun May 30 8:20pm
                    Copernicus was wrong. The universe really revolves around me. Me! ME!!! MEEEEEEE!!!!! that is all.
                    • (hj) would love some opinionsKail, Thu Jun 3 2:12am
                      Hey, a couple of you guys may remember that a year ago I posted a play that I had written that won an award in this short (10 page) play writing contest. Well, I'm working on a new entry (which is... more
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