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Sat Jun 5, 2010 2:54pm

Happy birthday. :)

  • MEGA MAN MOVIE?!Shade, Thu May 27 4:00pm
    So I'm browsing my movie site when low and behold I see something titled "Mega Man" So I'm like whaaaat? and sure enough "In the year 20XX, Dr. Thomas Light, a professor in the field of Robotics,... more
    • Hijack: AXEL YOU INSUFFERABLE FAGGOT — Kaze, Sat Jun 5 2:54pm
    • Hijack: I postedCylecks, Mon May 31 6:36pm
      Sorry in advanced about the spelling errors, I do not have a system with a word processing program.
      • I haven't...Zeo, Tue Jun 8 5:29am
        Which sucks. Sorry about the long delay guys and gals. I know exactly what I want to do with each character and I've been working on Zeo's but always hitting a false start. It's kept me from writing... more
      • Try google docsDemios, Mon May 31 10:48pm
        It's online and free.
        • bitchingCylecks, Tue Jun 1 1:04am
          I'll look into it
    • You abandon me again!?Zeo, Thu May 27 4:46pm
      And think you can just waltz in here screaming about Mega Man movies like I'll forgive you!? NAY SHADE. NAY... NEIGH!
      • this is unrelated, but...Kail, Thu May 27 8:06pm
        I just posted. It's only the first half of what I was going to post, but it ended up being so long that I split it up into 2 parts. Part 2 is almost finished and should be up later tonight. Its title ... more
        • 'Bout time...Demios, Fri May 28 3:07pm
          Where is this rules/objectives post? D: I got a six pack of beer and little to do this evening.
          • FR: Out of Time objective/rulesKail, Fri May 28 5:04pm
            The Freelance Reploids have been randomly scattered across time. One may have ended up in ancient Egypt while another got sent to Woodstock. No 2 mercs were sent to the exact same time, but they may... more
            • HeheheMaq, Fri May 28 6:14pm
              Oh dear Cthulu... I'm already getting so many evil EVIL ideas of things to do to my characters. I know I will enjoy this. I've always enjoyed history, especially pre-history (before humankind). So... more
              • What you did there. I see it.Zeo, Fri May 28 7:32pm
                A couple months of forced CD posts from every player! You're a tricksy bastard Kail and I wouldn't have it any other way.
                • ClarificationKail, Fri May 28 9:42pm
                  Actually they don't necessarily have to be CDs. As I said, characters could potentially show up at nearly the same time only a few minutes apart. And even if they don't a character could spend weeks, ... more
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