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I haven't...
Tue Jun 8, 2010 5:29am

Which sucks.

Sorry about the long delay guys and gals. I know exactly what I want to do with each character and I've been working on Zeo's but always hitting a false start. It's kept me from writing further than a few paragraphs before having to stop. However things are rolling smoothly (as smooth as they ever do) and you can expect something from me veeeeeery soon!

  • Hijack: I postedCylecks, Mon May 31 6:36pm
    Sorry in advanced about the spelling errors, I do not have a system with a word processing program.
    • I haven't... — Zeo, Tue Jun 8 5:29am
    • Try google docsDemios, Mon May 31 10:48pm
      It's online and free.
      • bitchingCylecks, Tue Jun 1 1:04am
        I'll look into it
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