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Lack of posting
Sun Jun 13, 2010 10:57pm

C'mon guys! We finally have leeway to start making posts, and what's more, we can go to any time period we want! What's the hold-up? Nobody has been posting lately.

Personally, I'm still trying to decide when to send Dan. There's so many fun possibilities. But I know several of you have already started your posts; keep going! I want to see what everyone does with this!

    • In my defenseZeo, Mon Jun 14 6:25am
      I'm in the midst of prepping for a move across the country and trying to maximize the time I have with my friends here in Arizona. Beyond that I'm in a very nit-picky state concerning my writing... more
      • WrenchesDemios, Mon Jun 14 1:11pm
        Actually, yeah, Kail. I was still trying to brain storm a not completely lame method of doing what I need to do in Atlantis and your little wrench has given me some direction. Still not sure if it's... more
        • Athenians?Kail, Wed Jun 16 7:16pm
          Geez, I thought you said this was supposed to be around 10,000 B.C. Athens wasn't a significant city until like 1,500 B.C. Maybe you could push it and say historians have it wrong and it was a large... more
          • Just goin' by the storyDemios, Thu Jun 17 7:34am
            According to Plato, Atlantis got in a big war with Athens, the Athenians won then later Atlantis sank. So blame Plato for the "historical inaccuracy" if you want. :P Also, Atlantis directly precedes... more
        • Irony...Kaze, Mon Jun 14 1:31pm
          ...would be me complaining about peoples' posts being uninteresting. ;_;
          • Actually, Kail did the exact opposite...Vier, Tue Jun 15 1:52pm
            He basically took what I was going to wrote and fast-tracked it (including the bit about Axel being on the opposite side). Of course, this means that I have to delete what I was writing and start on... more
            • Actually...Maq, Tue Jun 15 8:43pm
              ...I already talked to Kaze about this, but I had already written up the next several posts (some of them rather involved and long). All I need to do is give them a few final tweaks and maybe a... more
              • postedCylecks, Wed Jun 16 3:49am
                Don't worry things aren't going to go so well for Cylecks. gotta give him a little win time before I just destroying his luck again.
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