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Tue Jun 15, 2010 8:43pm

...I already talked to Kaze about this, but I had already written up the next several posts (some of them rather involved and long). All I need to do is give them a few final tweaks and maybe a revision or two.

But Kail's post completely ruined everything I had done. WHO those gents were was essential to my story. I don't have the time to re-write all that; and I certainly don't have the energy. I can see why he did what he did: it'd be a fun challenge to have to wing a new story from what he came up with. But I'm not going to simply discard what I've done already.

So I'm sorry Kail. I'm going to have to just post what I already did. Once they're all posted, feel free to THEN through a wrench in. I'd probably enjoy it.

  • Actually, Kail did the exact opposite...Vier, Tue Jun 15 1:52pm
    He basically took what I was going to wrote and fast-tracked it (including the bit about Axel being on the opposite side). Of course, this means that I have to delete what I was writing and start on... more
    • Actually... — Maq, Tue Jun 15 8:43pm
      • postedCylecks, Wed Jun 16 3:49am
        Don't worry things aren't going to go so well for Cylecks. gotta give him a little win time before I just destroying his luck again.
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