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Commission Pictures!!
Sun Jun 27, 2010 12:32pm

I recently commissioned another artist to do an updated picture of Maq! And here it is!!

Maq in all her glory!!

His commission prices are reasonable, so go for it!

    • commissions shummissionsKail, Sun Jun 27 5:50pm
      The last time you told us about an artist taking commissions (the $10 girl) I wasted a lot of time coming up with a very specific request only to have her say she didn't think she could do it (when... more
      • Re: commissions shummissionsMaq, Sun Jun 27 10:27pm
        What? She didn't respond? That sounds...odd. Maybe your message just got lost along the way. I dunno. But I can understand turning down a commission. Sometimes it's not a matter of knowing how to do... more
        • I would get one...Lock, Mon Jun 28 4:02am
          But I lack any kind of referance pic for my characters. Need to get on that someday.
          • I am a cheap bastard.Zeo, Mon Jun 28 6:50am
            And as such do not get commissioned art of my characters. Instead I just make the most awesomest storiez in da wurld! How awesome!? So awesome artists are compelled to draw my characters for free!... more
            • I've thought about itCylecks, Mon Jul 12 2:37am
              Though it's just hard for me to let anyone attempt to top the work Zeo, Arin, and Dem did for me.
            • One ahead Demios!Zeo, Fri Jul 2 10:07am
              You should probably get cracking lazy swine-hound!
              • Easily done...Demios, Sat Jul 3 11:53pm
                I was out all this past week doing martial arts in the woods. Almost completely cut off from electronics. I come back and only one single new post. By the person I figured would post. I'll catch up... more
                • Ha!Zeo, Sun Jul 4 8:18pm
                  Catch up maybe. Exceed? NEVER!
                  • Hmm.Luccian, Wed Jul 7 10:54pm
                    So I wonder who remembers the age old resident sniper from times past?
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