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Wed Jul 7, 2010 10:54pm

So I wonder who remembers the age old resident sniper from times past?

  • Ha!Zeo, Sun Jul 4 8:18pm
    Catch up maybe. Exceed? NEVER!
    • Hmm. — Luccian, Wed Jul 7 10:54pm
      • Not I.Lock, Wed Jul 7 11:45pm
        Really, I've never even heard of you before.
        • Well!Luccian, Wed Jul 7 11:52pm
          I remember thee! Your name at least. Of course though this was one of my earliest characters here it wasn't the only one. Glade, Vornath, and Bandier were three others. Oh, and Nathan O'Shiel
          • Still ain't ringing a bell.Lock, Thu Jul 8 12:00am
            I remember glade from the arcives, but Vornath, bandier, and Nathan I do not. When was the last time you RP'ed here. Anyways, if you want me to help you catch up with the Current mission, just post... more
            • Forever agoLuccian, Thu Jul 8 12:22am
              It's been forever since I RP'd here for a plethera of reasons that I just won't go into. Though I do thank you for the offered assistance, I like to read. Plus it let's me understand the other... more
              • Your welcomeLock, Thu Jul 8 12:35am
                Well, when you are ready to post, go for it. We lost the section of the site that had Contact and Character info on it, so go ahead and post that if you got it for whoever you are playing. Glad to... more
                • Glade you son of a bitch!Zeo, Thu Jul 8 3:38am
                  Good to see you again man! ... Guess I'll be putting all your stuff back.
                  • HahaLuccian, Thu Jul 8 3:55am
                    Thanks for SOMEONE remembering me! ... Wait ... You stole my stuff?!?!
                    • Oh, ZeoLuccian, Thu Jul 8 4:06am
                      Since you probably remember them best, who do you think would compliment the FR best by showing their face again: The silver haired sniper Luccian The sound technology Vornath The walking mural Glade
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