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I know it.
Wed Jul 14, 2010 5:52pm

I remember the creed, had too look up the name though. It's called the Rifleman's Creed, or also the The Creed of the United States Marine.

  • This is my rifleLuccian, Wed Jul 14 2:39pm
    Kudos to those who recognize this! THIS IS MY RIFLE There are many like it, But this one is mine. My rifle is my best friend. It is my life. I must master it, as I master my life. My rifle, Without... more
    • oh pleaseKail, Wed Jul 14 10:24pm
      Your days of finger-banging old Mary Jane Rotten Crotch through her pretty pink panties is over! You are married to this piece, this beautiful weapon of iron and wood. And you will be faithful!
      • btwKail, Wed Jul 14 10:28pm
        That's from Full Metal Jacket, the same movie where they recite that Rifleman's Creed. That's the first thing my mind went to. But what do you expect, I'm a movie fanatic and that's a Kubrick film.
        • Well Luccian , Wed Jul 14 10:54pm
          You should be happy to learn that they really do make us learn that at boot camp then. And woe to anyone that doesn't. I saw many a recruit quarter decked for not knowing it after going through the... more
          • OI! KAIL!Luccian, Fri Jul 16 1:22am
            What's your e-mail address? I have an idea that I want to run by you that I think ya might like. Mine is . Or you can hit me up on AIM since it routes right to my phone:... more
            • re:Kail, Fri Jul 16 10:24am
              e-mail: fortunesfool {atta} sbcglobal {dotta} com AIM: KailTheDestroyer
              • Didn't workLuccian, Wed Jul 21 12:44am
                The email didn't work. Damn it all.
                • sorryKail, Fri Jul 23 10:29pm
                  Change that com to net.
    • I know it. — Lock, Wed Jul 14 5:52pm
      • CongratulationsLuccian, Wed Jul 14 6:14pm
        You're completely right. You get kudos! I was going through my graduation book from boot camp and saw it in there. So I decided to share.
        • Huh.Zeo, Thu Jul 15 7:22pm
          I was right there with Kail. I knew it was from Full Metal Jacket. Didn't know it was really used though. Keen. I should probably post soon.
          • YesLuccian, Thu Jul 15 7:33pm
            You definitely should. Wouldn't want new old guy to show you up haha And feel free to throw Glade in somewhere if you want. I've got a couple ideas for him, buuut I just can't seem to motivate myself ... more
            • Someone? Luccian , Sun Jul 18 11:57am
              Anyone? Post? I guess I could again though. Definitely tonight after work I will! Yargh!!!
              • When do your lies end fiend!Zeo, Tue Jul 20 7:35pm
                I at least have the excuse of putting together a movie for a contest! Not that I need an excuse... I don't answer to anyone... Not ANYONE! Anyways here's a link to a video I did a little while back.... more
                • Got me.Luccian, Wed Jul 21 1:22pm
                  Stupid work. I've been getting called in to cover peoples shifts. Blah... Even this is posted from my phone
                  • Now maybe I'm wrong...Zeo, Wed Jul 21 7:08pm
                    I used that for a catchy title. I'm rarely wrong. You can say no to call-ins. This I know from five years of retail. Remember your D.A.R.E training and JUST! SAY! NO! Unless it's to posting. Then you ... more
                    • haLuccian , Wed Jul 21 7:29pm
                      I will not say no to money. I need it. Want it. Yada yada.
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