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San Diego Comicon
Thu Jul 29, 2010 5:27am

So I guess the Con has come and gone. (Oh HO! I'm hilarious!)

What were the high points for you guys?

I really liked the following:

-New trailer for Tron Legacy.

-Thor. 'Nuff said.

-Captain America. There cannot BE enough said about how excited I am to see Cap on the big screen!

-Sucker Punch. I'm hesitantly interested. At least it isn't a Miller comic book this time. That's for Xerxes. ;)

-Green Hornet. I'm such a fan of the tv show and the radio show that I can't help but mark the ... out about this movie. Sure it has absolutely no intentions of treating the characters with any amount of respect but that kind of ballsy irreverence is something I can get behind. That and Seth Rogan. I love that retard-laugh mother trucker.

-Pirates 4. Hell yeah I'm down. I don't care how supposably shitty one might find the pirate trilogy. There were giant wooden ships, ghost pirates, sword fights, muskets, bastard governors, horrible creatures of the deep, and Johnny Depp in something OTHER than a Burton movie. I had fun watching every second of those movies and I'm up for another go-round.

-The Walking Dead. Thank you AMC. Just... Thank you.

-Battleship. A movie about a board game? What in... Well honestly I was really excited about this movie until I realized I'd gotten Alex Skarsgard and Stellan Skarsgard mixed up. Now I'm not quite as excited. But it does revolve around space battleships so I'm still probably willing to give it the benefit of the doubt at the moment.

-Robocop Remake. Dead in the water and thank the Lord for that. I know that might sound harsh but the original is one of those iconic movies of my childhood and I'm just not willing to see someone fudge a remake.

-The Goon. If you haven't seen the teaser for this then you need to open a fresh tab and check that shit out. It looks phenomenal!

So yeah. Lots of good stuff coming down the pipe.

Anyone else excited about any of this?

    • Check it, fools:
      • And then some...Sorn, Mon Aug 9 7:54am
        Nice find, Bobby. I followed a link trail to the original forum where the contest was taking place, and there are quite a few more pictures to see:
        • Edited to Add:Sorn, Mon Aug 9 8:17am
 Contest is apparently over and everyone is posting their final entries into this thread, including some that weren't in the WIP thread. (I love how you... more
    • Hijack: Congratulations!Demios, Sun Aug 1 9:43pm
      Congratulations to Kail, Zeo, Luccian and myself for being the only ones to post in the entire month of July! :D To everyone else, you suck.
      • Hurray!Zeo, Mon Aug 2 4:56pm
        I'm a winner! Now if I can just get some posting done THIS month...
      • Ha!Luccian, Mon Aug 2 3:04am
        Not bad for a bunch of old fogies.
    • I fail in my nerd studies.Kaze, Fri Jul 30 3:59pm
      I'm completely out of the loop on all of this except Pirates 4. But Battleship? Really?
      • Yessir...Zeo, Sat Jul 31 5:13am
        Battleship. Really. I had mostly the same reaction.
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