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Wed Sep 1, 2010 5:27pm

Has everyone died or is getting back in the swing of post-summer life really that all-encompassing?

    • I'm deadShadow Star, Thu Sep 2 2:00pm
      I would have told you guys sooner, but it's a bitch getting a good connection on the other side. Sorry.
    • Lotsa stuffDemios, Thu Sep 2 8:33am
      I'll see if I can't move some of my stories along.
    • NaaaahKail, Wed Sep 1 5:41pm
      Regular summer stagnation. I'm partially to blame. I should have known better than starting a mission where all the characters get split up. One of the incentives to post is to interact with the... more
      • bluh bluh spoilers bluhShadow Star, Thu Sep 2 6:54pm
        It's really too bad. I knew what I wanted to write, but I just... was lazy. S-s-s-spoilers! I was going to have Vier get in a few fights, maybe have a few more historical cameos (at one point she... more
        • Yep.Hilton, Fri Sep 3 12:32am
          "It's really too bad. I knew what I wanted to write, but I just... was lazy." I have no good excuse for my absence. Hilton was headed to the 20s, but I was headed to the bar.
          • Wait, really?Kaze, Fri Sep 3 2:27am
            I was really wanting to get Shinsei mixed up in some mob business in Chicago, pinstripe suits and all. I haven't really had any solid plans, though. Let me know if you want a wingman. (If you're... more
          • Amen brother!Zeo, Fri Sep 3 1:31am
            I moved to North Carolina and rediscovered what an alcoholic I really am.
      • Sure sure.Zeo, Thu Sep 2 6:23pm
        We've all heard that one before!
      • Rise from your summer grave.Kaze, Wed Sep 1 10:04pm
        I've been dealing with pretty much every real-life problem one could reasonably expect someone to site as excuse for not feeling compelled to post. I dunno when I'll have the gumption again, but I'm... more
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