Wed Sep 1, 2010 5:41pm

Regular summer stagnation.

I'm partially to blame. I should have known better than starting a mission where all the characters get split up. One of the incentives to post is to interact with the other players. The next mission will have everybody thrown together.

But, first we have to wrap up the current one. I'll soon be posting quite a bit, just to put this adventure on the fast track to a conclussion.

  • Dead?Zeo, Wed Sep 1 5:27pm
    Has everyone died or is getting back in the swing of post-summer life really that all-encompassing?
    • I'm deadShadow Star, Thu Sep 2 2:00pm
      I would have told you guys sooner, but it's a bitch getting a good connection on the other side. Sorry.
    • Lotsa stuffDemios, Thu Sep 2 8:33am
      I'll see if I can't move some of my stories along.
    • Naaaah — Kail, Wed Sep 1 5:41pm
      • bluh bluh spoilers bluhShadow Star, Thu Sep 2 6:54pm
        It's really too bad. I knew what I wanted to write, but I just... was lazy. S-s-s-spoilers! I was going to have Vier get in a few fights, maybe have a few more historical cameos (at one point she... more
        • Yep.Hilton, Fri Sep 3 12:32am
          "It's really too bad. I knew what I wanted to write, but I just... was lazy." I have no good excuse for my absence. Hilton was headed to the 20s, but I was headed to the bar.
          • Wait, really?Kaze, Fri Sep 3 2:27am
            I was really wanting to get Shinsei mixed up in some mob business in Chicago, pinstripe suits and all. I haven't really had any solid plans, though. Let me know if you want a wingman. (If you're... more
          • Amen brother!Zeo, Fri Sep 3 1:31am
            I moved to North Carolina and rediscovered what an alcoholic I really am.
      • Sure sure.Zeo, Thu Sep 2 6:23pm
        We've all heard that one before!
      • Rise from your summer grave.Kaze, Wed Sep 1 10:04pm
        I've been dealing with pretty much every real-life problem one could reasonably expect someone to site as excuse for not feeling compelled to post. I dunno when I'll have the gumption again, but I'm... more
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