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Wait, really?
Fri Sep 3, 2010 2:27am

I was really wanting to get Shinsei mixed up in some mob business in Chicago, pinstripe suits and all. I haven't really had any solid plans, though. Let me know if you want a wingman. (If you're still planning on writing it at all.)

  • Yep.Hilton, Fri Sep 3 12:32am
    "It's really too bad. I knew what I wanted to write, but I just... was lazy." I have no good excuse for my absence. Hilton was headed to the 20s, but I was headed to the bar.
    • Wait, really? — Kaze, Fri Sep 3 2:27am
    • Amen brother!Zeo, Fri Sep 3 1:31am
      I moved to North Carolina and rediscovered what an alcoholic I really am.
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