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tell me if this is any good this is my characters back story
Thu Sep 9, 2010 9:40pm

During the period that was known as the great arms race every country was trying to see who had the best weapons and the best soldiers. Now some countries went with magic and the use of the nature and all its power. Others decided to make their own power by making new machinery and building robots that are now known as reploids. Every five years during this period every country came together to see who had the best of both, and whichever country had the best weapons and the best soldiers was granted a year of peace without the threat of war from any of the other countries. During the year following the victory of his country in this competition, Dr. Zenoah was working in his research lab perfecting a reploid that was to be used as a helper for himself. As he was putting the finishing touches upon it he smiled while looking at his creation “Thanks to this peace I won’t have to worry about creating a monstrosity for that despicable tournament.” He said. Dr. Zenoah hated the tournament he was against war and constantly made reploids that helped humanity instead of destroying it. He stepped back to see his creation come to life “Good afternoon Dr. Zenoah” the robot smiled and said. Little did Dr. Zenoah nor his creation know that a fire mage from a neighboring country was slowly killing each and every one of his lab assistants down stairs making his way towards the good doctor’s laboratory upstairs. “It is a good” he started to say as his door was burned to a cinder in front of him. “Good evening Dr. Zenoah, what a lovely place you have here too bad it won’t be for long.” The mage said as he pointed his staff towards him. He shot out a ball of fire at the doctor and his newly made creation. The reploid pushed Dr. Zenoah out of the way, as the sphere hit him. With a sickening crackle, half of the reploid fell to the floor as the doctor hit his workbench. “If only you would have come work for us” the mage said “maybe then you wouldn’t have to die, but you already made your decision it’s too late now.” He pointed his staff at him again and as he was about to set him on fire a scalpel went deep into his throat. As he turned to see who had survived his onslaught and was still strong enough to penetrate his skin, he saw the half-destroyed reploid standing there with a scowl on his face “Nobody is going to hurt the doctor not while I’m here” he said as he fell to the ground. The mage collapsed next to him and slowly died from blood lose. As the doctor sat there he realized that the mage had to go through the bottom floor to get to his lab. So he dashed down the stairs to find charred corpses of each of his assistants. At that point his mind snapped and he lost all sense of right and wrong. He walked up the stairs with a devilish grin on his face. He looked at the lifeless reploid lying next to the dead mage as he turned on his computer. He went through his entire database of reploid looking for a design he could improve upon and use to make the perfect weapon. “ It’s all the government’s fault; if they weren’t so power hungry the world would be a better place and all the innocent people in this building wouldn’t be dead” he muttered. He searched, searched, searched all night, and could not find anything that fit what he was looking for. Finally, he decided to not just look at his countries archives, but the worlds. Not only the most recent, but from the century’s past as well. After days of searching he still had found nothing “Damn it!” he cried “I will find something, no I must find something! I will not let these innocent souls and bones just rot from this monster’s rampage!” he snarled as he looked at the mage’s corpse. “Skull man, the most notable reploid to have ever used bones as a weapon” the computer buzzed. “This reploid was originally created by Dr. Albert Willy to destroy the reploid known as Mega man.” “This… This machine is perfect for what I need” the doctor laughed. “Not only will I be able to keep the memories of those who died here now I can use their bones as well!” So he went downstairs and gathered up the bodies and brought them upstairs; as he did he remembered the mage’s body as well. “Looks like I’ve got some work to do” he says, “I have to figure out just how you used your magic and then I will make sure I use it against anyone else.” So for years Dr. Zenoah held himself up in his laboratory studying the body of the mage and the original design of skull man. He eventually figured out how to replicate how the mage used fire, but only to a certain extent. He also managed to create the body of his masterpiece out of the bones of his assistants and of the broken reploid. He knew that this body couldn’t stand up to much physical damage. So he decided to make it have incredibly fast reflexes along with speed. He also knew that in a fight of raw power he wouldn’t stand a chance, so he decided to study the ability of cloaking. He had seen reploids stop time before, so he knew there had to be something out there that could make something invisible for at least a short time. At long last he came up with a program he called “darkness” it would make his reploid which was nothing more than bones and circuits running threw them look like he had a body. This program allowed that if the project was near any sort of shadow the program would engulf the project in darkness and blend in with it. At long last, he created his reploids hands and feet to hold multiple daggers in them. The doctor made each dagger out of sharpened bone and titanium; so that they would not break. As he gazed upon his masterpiece an eerie smile came on his face “I shall call you… project doomwalker.” Dr. Zenoah managed to get project “doomwalker” finished barely a couple of months before the next tournament were to be held. He knew that the government had been watching him make project “doomwalker” so for the rest of the time he made viruses cause the cameras in his lab malfunction. The only thing was he swore he would never have his reploids in that tournament, so for the months before the tournament he created a secret chamber underneath his lab so that no one would know about his creation. The day before the tournament, he put project “doomwalker” in a time capsule down in the secret chamber for safekeeping. The day of the tournament the police came to pick up his reploid “sorry boys I don’t have an entry this year” the doctor said with a smile. “Sir, we have proof that you have been working on a project for the past five years and we are here to pick it up.” The officer said. “Have a look around there isn’t a single thing here, but me” he said. The police searched the house, but couldn’t find any trace of the reploid they were sent to get. They could not find what they were sent to get and they were told that they had to bring something back whether it was a reploid or the doctor. So they handcuffed him and charged him with conspiracy against the government for not cooperating with the laws that stated that every reploid or weapon had to be used in the tournament. The doctor was locked up in prison and never allowed to return to his lab.
Hundreds of years later archeologists dug up Dr. Zenoah’s secret chamber during a dig. As they unearthed the chamber, they saw old computers and what looked like a coffin. As they approached it they saw written on the top “my greatest creation”. As they opened the coffin shadows seemed to leak out of the sides. As the lid was tossed to the side what appeared to be a skeleton stood up. He looked at them with his red eyes “So... where’s Dr. Zenoah?” he asked. They took him to the base camp and explained what year it was and what all had happened since that period. He looked at them and sighed “Well Dr. Zenoah made me for one purpose and one purpose only and that purpose was to execute any one that I saw as unfit to live.” They all looked at each other and turned to him “Then you need to go to the stomping grounds; that’s where reploids like you have a place to use your talents.” “Alright just point me in the direction and I’ll find it” he said.

    • Oh god, wall of textDemios, Fri Sep 10 1:05am
      Please format your post. Try putting two new lines between paragraphs. Lemme know when you've done that. Then I might bother reading it.
      • i apologize doomwalker, Fri Sep 10 1:17am
        i apologize i'll redo it
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          I took the time to copypasta that mess into a word document and double space it so I could read it somewhat properly all the while indenting paragraphs as I ran across them and the answer I've come... more
          • i like itdoomwalker, Fri Sep 10 11:55am
            i personally like the insurance plan i hope you don't mind if I alter a couple of things, tweak it a little bit and make it my own. Oh! Thanks for the idea's it helped
        • this is my characters back story redonedoomwalker, Fri Sep 10 1:21am
          During the period that was known as the great arms race every country was trying to see who had the best weapons and the best soldiers. Now some countries went with magic and the use of the nature... more
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              Concepts One should be enough, but I've been told that three is the max. If you feel like adding something to this wicked awesome list, please feel free to pass it our way. It's been awhile since... more
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                Attributes Now you may begin purchasing your attributes. Attributes are your character's personal strengths and weakness, and each one is listed below with a certain point value. That is the number... more
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                  Equipment This is where you equipt your character. You do this by spending whatever points you have left over from Step 3. There are different kinds of things you may purchase: Weapons, Accessories,... more
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                    Description The final step in creating your Freelance Reploids character is writing his or her description. Up to this point everything has been the technical nuts and bolts. This is your chance to... more
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