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i apologize
Fri Sep 10, 2010 1:17am

i apologize i'll redo it

  • Oh god, wall of textDemios, Fri Sep 10 1:05am
    Please format your post. Try putting two new lines between paragraphs. Lemme know when you've done that. Then I might bother reading it.
    • i apologize — doomwalker, Fri Sep 10 1:17am
      • No. No it won't do at all!Zeo, Fri Sep 10 1:43am
        I took the time to copypasta that mess into a word document and double space it so I could read it somewhat properly all the while indenting paragraphs as I ran across them and the answer I've come... more
        • i like itdoomwalker, Fri Sep 10 11:55am
          i personally like the insurance plan i hope you don't mind if I alter a couple of things, tweak it a little bit and make it my own. Oh! Thanks for the idea's it helped
      • this is my characters back story redonedoomwalker, Fri Sep 10 1:21am
        During the period that was known as the great arms race every country was trying to see who had the best weapons and the best soldiers. Now some countries went with magic and the use of the nature... more
        • Kinda sorta important stuff (1 of 5)Hannibal, Fri Sep 10 1:52am
          NRP: This information may not have been accessible to you when you stumbled upon this hellhole. I'll let LJB welcome you properly and make you wish you stuck to Facebook. Classes Hitman - The Hitman... more
          • Kinda sorta important stuff (2 of 5)Hannibal, Fri Sep 10 2:01am
            Concepts One should be enough, but I've been told that three is the max. If you feel like adding something to this wicked awesome list, please feel free to pass it our way. It's been awhile since... more
            • Kinda sorta important stuff (3 of 5)Hannibal, Fri Sep 10 2:32am
              Attributes Now you may begin purchasing your attributes. Attributes are your character's personal strengths and weakness, and each one is listed below with a certain point value. That is the number... more
              • Kinda sorta important stuff (4 of 5)Hannibal, Fri Sep 10 2:37am
                Equipment This is where you equipt your character. You do this by spending whatever points you have left over from Step 3. There are different kinds of things you may purchase: Weapons, Accessories,... more
                • Kinda sorta important stuff (5 of 5)Hannibal, Fri Sep 10 2:41am
                  Description The final step in creating your Freelance Reploids character is writing his or her description. Up to this point everything has been the technical nuts and bolts. This is your chance to... more
                  • Example of your finished productHannibal, Fri Sep 10 3:04am
                    Quite a lot to go through, huh? When you're finished building your character, your stat sheet should look something like this: Name: Hannibal E-Mail: Character Creation:... more
                    • okdoomwalker, Fri Sep 10 12:41pm
                      Okay, I have my character's sheet all filled out now what do I need to do with it. I think I've done better on his back story now and its at least not terrible
                    • I don't have the Rules sectionHannibal, Fri Sep 10 3:31am
                      Because rules are for suckers and hack writers. However, I did manage to find the Magic section. I'm not sure if the rules regarding magic have changed, but this is what I was able to save. Only... more
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