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Kinda sorta important stuff (2 of 5)
Fri Sep 10, 2010 2:01am

One should be enough, but I've been told that three is the max. If you feel like adding something to this wicked awesome list, please feel free to pass it our way. It's been awhile since we've had a laugh.

Anarchist - Discord is your middle name. You aren't happy unless completely surrounded by chaos and turmoil.

Bon Vivant - Life is short, so ya better enjoy it! You live from one party to the next, indulging every pleasure and excess that you can. Having a good time is usually your primary concern.

Bravado - Who cares if you win or lose, as long as you look good doing it. Style is all that matters. You're a showboat.

Caregiver - You're always trying to help those in need. This could be healing the injured, or just sticking up for the little guy.

Competitor - You strive to be the best in all that you do. Even among friends, everything is a contest.

Con - Deception is your weapon of choice. You specialize in fooling people and making them see (or think) what you want them to. Some call you an chameleon. Others, an illusionist. But deep down, you're just a really good liar.

Creator - Why destroy when you can create? You enjoy making things, be it robots or works of art (or even something less material). You hope to leave a legacy behind after you're gone.

Crusader - Doing the right thing is all that matters. You always fight for the forces of good and will appose those of evil, even if it requires breaking a few rules.

Cynic - You dislike just about everyone and everything. The entire world is annoying. Bitter disillusionment has left you in a perpetually bad mood.

Defender - You are truly loyal to something (or someone) and would put yourself in harms way to protect it. It could be your organization, or simply your friends. But whatever it is, you believe in something greater than yourself and would sacrifice everything for it.

Deviant - It isn't that you're a loner, its just that you don't fit in. You're a misfit for one reason or another. Most people think that you're bizarre... but normal is overrated anyway.

Fanatic - Death to the non-believers! Your entire life revolves around a single obsession. Even the other zealots consider you a radical extremist. You're so devoted to your cause that you would gladly sacrifice your life for it, or the lives of anyone else.

Fighter - Fighting is in your blood. You love combat, and if you go too long without a good skirmish you'll need to vent your natural aggression either on the training field or in a random brawl.

Gambler - No guts, no glory. You enjoy taking risks and don't mind being reckless. After all, life is just a game of luck.

Intellectual - Brains over brawn. You prefer to accomplish your goals through shrewd thinking rather than brute strength.

Jester - Nothing is too serious to laugh at. You love wise cracks and practical jokes. Though those around you may not appreciate your sense of humor, you always try to be a comedian.

Leader - Calling the shots comes naturally to you, and you usually try to take charge of any group or situation that you're in. You're only comfortable when you're in control.

Loner - Even when in a group, you try to stay separate. You're usually by yourself and prefer to work alone.

Malefactor - Its good to be bad. You do what you want and shed no tears for those that you hurt. Sometimes you may even do evil simply for its own sake.

Megalomaniac - Only the strong will survive. Therefore, your life is devoted to the pursuit of personal power. The weak are inferior.

Mercenary - The almighty dollar is the only thing that you're loyal to. You work for whoever pays the most, and would sell out your own mother if the price were right.

Narcissist - You love yourself more than anything else, and are loyal to nobody except number one.

Optimist - No matter how bleak the situation, things could be worse. You always look on the bright side and manage to find the silver lining.

Rebel - Fight the power! You hate taking orders from so-called "superiors" and usually just do things your own way.

Savior - You intend to save the world. Perhaps you're a traditionalist who fights to keep things from getting worse, or a visionary that wants to change things for the better. Whichever the case may be, you're an idealist that always looks at the big picture.

Warrior - Battle is more than just artistic. It is spiritual. You have a deep respect for true combat, and can appreciate a worthy opponent. The more dire the odds, the more noble the victory (or defeat).

Wizard - You are a practitioner of the mystical arts. This concept is required for your character to use magic, but be sure to read the Rules page about magic use before you choose to be a wizard. Only biologicals (non reploids) can take this concept.

  • Kinda sorta important stuff (1 of 5)Hannibal, Fri Sep 10 1:52am
    NRP: This information may not have been accessible to you when you stumbled upon this hellhole. I'll let LJB welcome you properly and make you wish you stuck to Facebook. Classes Hitman - The Hitman... more
    • Kinda sorta important stuff (2 of 5) — Hannibal, Fri Sep 10 2:01am
      • Kinda sorta important stuff (3 of 5)Hannibal, Fri Sep 10 2:32am
        Attributes Now you may begin purchasing your attributes. Attributes are your character's personal strengths and weakness, and each one is listed below with a certain point value. That is the number... more
        • Kinda sorta important stuff (4 of 5)Hannibal, Fri Sep 10 2:37am
          Equipment This is where you equipt your character. You do this by spending whatever points you have left over from Step 3. There are different kinds of things you may purchase: Weapons, Accessories,... more
          • Kinda sorta important stuff (5 of 5)Hannibal, Fri Sep 10 2:41am
            Description The final step in creating your Freelance Reploids character is writing his or her description. Up to this point everything has been the technical nuts and bolts. This is your chance to... more
            • Example of your finished productHannibal, Fri Sep 10 3:04am
              Quite a lot to go through, huh? When you're finished building your character, your stat sheet should look something like this: Name: Hannibal E-Mail: Character Creation:... more
              • okdoomwalker, Fri Sep 10 12:41pm
                Okay, I have my character's sheet all filled out now what do I need to do with it. I think I've done better on his back story now and its at least not terrible
              • I don't have the Rules sectionHannibal, Fri Sep 10 3:31am
                Because rules are for suckers and hack writers. However, I did manage to find the Magic section. I'm not sure if the rules regarding magic have changed, but this is what I was able to save. Only... more
                • wthdoomwalker, Sat Sep 11 11:32pm
                  Okay, I tried sending my stats to and it says that the account has been permanently disabled or discontinued. So now what exactly do I need to do about my stats and how am I... more
                  • Huh. That's odd.Hannibal, Sun Sep 12 9:02pm
                    Send me a copy of your stats to and I will look them over. If you prefer, you can try asking Zeo for help with your character stats. He has more experience with this game... more
                    • character helpdoomwalker, Sun Sep 12 9:08pm
                      Okay I will send you my stats and see what you think; also I would like to have Zeo's email that way I can send them to him too.
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