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Kinda sorta important stuff (3 of 5)
Fri Sep 10, 2010 2:32am

Now you may begin purchasing your attributes. Attributes are your character's personal strengths and weakness, and each one is listed below with a certain point value. That is the number of points that you must spend for those advantages (positive traits), or the number of points that you will gain for taking that disadvantage (negative traits).

Every character starts with one hundred thousand points (100,000) to spend during character creation. If you run low on points then you may get some back by taking disadvantages, but be careful not to spend too many points on attributes because you will also be using your points in Step 4 to purchase weapons, accessories, and special abilities.

Each attribute can only be purchased once unless otherwise stated in its description. Currently in Freelance Reploids, attributes can only be obtained during character creation. If there is a custom attribute that you would like (an advantage or disadvantage not listed below) then e-mail a GM before hand to approve it and determine a price. Remember that whatever attributes you take, you will be expected to strictly adhere to them while role playing. Also, while purchasing remember to keep track of how many points everything costs because you will be required to list the price of everything on your stats when you submit your character.


Abnormally Large Size - You're enormous and are able to use your body's massive bulk to your advantage. However, there are times when being big can make things difficult. [-20,000]

Acute Sense - One of your senses (such as sight, smell, etc.) is far better than average. You may purchase this advantage multiple times, but it must apply to a different sense each time. [-15,000]

Ambidexterity - You have no off hand. You are equally adept with both your right and your left hand. You can write, fight, etc. with either one you choose. (But it still requires special training to fight with both hands at once.) [-10,000]

Animal Friendship - You have an uncanny kinship with animals (biological as well as mechanical) and can usually handle them very well. [-10,000]

Computer Aptitude/Expertise - You are extremely good with computers. You are able to hack simple programs, and use just about any terminal. Computer Aptitude can be upgraded to Computer Expertise for 30,000 more, making you a computer genius. You can not only hack extremely advanced programs, but you could also write them yourself. [-15,000]

Daredevil - Your balance, agility, and courage allow you to easily perform risky acrobatic feats. [-15,000]

Determination - You have an iron will and incredible endurance. This means that you do not tire easily, can hold up under torture, and are almost unstoppable when pursuing a goal. You are physically and mentally resilient. [-20,000]

Elemental Invulnerability/Absorption - You are highly resistant to one element, such as electricity (lightning), heat (fire), cold (ice), light (lasers), poison, etc. You may not choose Plasma as the element. For 25,000 more you can upgrade this to the Elemental Absorption advantage, meaning that you are actually strengthened by that element. (Read the Rules page for details about this attribute.) Demolitonist characters may purchase this advantage twice, but it must apply to a different element each time. [-20,000]

Escape Artist - You are very talented at escaping bonds and wriggling through tight spaces. [-10,000]

Flight - For one reason or another, you are able to fly. Every character that can fly must purchase this attribute. If you are able to fly because of a jetpack, you must also purchase the jet pack. If it is through natural means (like if you have wings) then you only need to purchase this attribute and nothing else. [-20,000]

Intuition - Sometimes you just have a feeling that someone is lying to you, or that danger is present. Its almost like a sixth sense. [-20,000]

You are highly educated in a certain field. (examples listed below) You may purchase this advantage multiple times, but it must apply to a different field each time. [-15,000]

Arcane Knowledge

- You have been schooled in the mystic arts. This means that you are familiar with the supernatural and, if you have the Mage concept, you may cast spells.

Scientific Knowledge

- You are highly educated in many fields of science; everything from nuclear fusion to astrophysics.

Weapons Knowledge

- You are able to use (or at least figure out) just about any weapon, and know which one to use in which situation.

Other Knowledge

- If there is a certain area of knowledge that you want your character to be an expert in, just submit it to the GM for approval.

Kung-Fu - You are a master of the martial arts. When unarmed you are dangerous at close combat. Your body is a deadly weapon. [-20,000]

Lightning Reflexes - You are able to react with uncanny quickness. (but this has no effect on your overall speed) [-15,000]

Linguistics - You are fluent in multiple languages. This can include dead languages (like hieroglyphics) or computer languages (like binary). [-10,000]

Mechanical Aptitude/Expertise - You are extremely good with machines. Your strong grasp of mechanics can be used for repairs or even sabotage. Mechanical Aptitude can be upgraded to Mechanical Expertise for 30,000 more, making you a whiz with machines. You can figure out the world's most complex machines, and even build ones of your own. [-15,000]

Medical Aptitude/Expertise - You have enough medical understanding to treat wounds (like a field medic). Plus, your familiarity with basic anatomy has taught you the weak spots of the body (which is useful in combat). Medical Aptitude can be upgraded to Medical Expertise for 30,000 more, making you a brilliant physician. You can do everything from perform major life-saving surgeries to engineer a biological weapon. [-15,000]

Piloting - You have a natural knack with vehicles. You can figure out how to drive or fly just about anything. [-15,000]

Reputation - You are somewhat famous (or infamous) for one reason or another. [-15,000]

Street Smarts - You are good at handling yourself in unfamiliar territory and adverse situations. [-10,000]


Abnormally Small Size - You're much smaller than everyone else. While this can sometimes come in handy, it is usually a hindrance. [+25,000]

Absent Minded - You tend to forget things or get distracted easily. [+25,000]

Accident Prone - Bad things always seem to happen to you. You're always getting into messes. [+25,000]

Blind - You are unable to see. You cannot correct this through technological means, but it can be compensated for by purchasing natural advantages (such as Intuition, Acute Hearing, etc.). [+35,000]

Code of Honor - You live by a strict moral code and you will not deviate from your ethical principles for anything. [+20,000]

Compulsion/Addiction - You have a need, either physical or psychological, to do something negative. It must be malignant, but you can't help yourself from doing it. [+20,000]

Deaf - You are unable to hear. You cannot correct your hearing through any medical or technological means, but you are able to compensate. (like with a device that lets you see sounds, or by taking the Linguistics attribute so that you can read lips). [+35,000]

Elemental Vulnerability - You are easily harmed by one element in particular, such as electricity (lightning), heat (fire), cold (ice), light (lasers), disease, etc. You may acquire this disadvantage multiple times, but it must apply to a different element each time. Plus, you will be expected to adhere to this vulnerability during the game. [+30,000]

Hatred - You have a burning hatred for someone or something. You cannot be around it or people speaking of it without taking some sort of action. This could also be a vendetta if you have a score to settle, but if so then your entire life must be bent on vengeance. [+20,000]

Hideous - You are staggeringly ugly. [+20,000]

Hunted - You are wanted for one reason or another. There are people out to get you. [+20,000]

Malfunction - If you're human then this is some kind of injury/disease, but if you're a reploid then it means that you have a design flaw or a system bug. Perhaps you get random glitches, or are just the victim of shoddy construction. [+25,000]

Mute - You cannot speak. This cannot be corrected by any medical or technological means (that means no robot voice), but you can still communicate through writing, gestures, etc. [+30,000]

Obstinate - You're extremely stubborn. Once you've made your mind up about something, right or wrong, nothing can change it. [+20,000]

One Arm - You are missing a limb and may not replace it. You may take this disadvantage multiple times. (2 max) [+25,000]

Overconfident - You think far too much of yourself and are actually weakened by your arrogance. [+20,000]

Phobia - You are mortally afraid of something commonplace. [+25,000]

Poor Sense - One of your senses (such as sight, smell, etc.) is exceptionally bad. You may take this advantage multiple times, but it must apply to a different sense each time. [+25,000]

Short Fuse - You easily fly off the handle, and will even lose your temper with your comrades. [+20,000]

Weakness - You are severely lacking in physical strength. [+30,000]

Weak Spot - You have an Achilles Heal somewhere on your body. A point where, if hit there, it would do devastating damage to you. [+30,000]

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          • Example of your finished productHannibal, Fri Sep 10 3:04am
            Quite a lot to go through, huh? When you're finished building your character, your stat sheet should look something like this: Name: Hannibal E-Mail: Character Creation:... more
            • okdoomwalker, Fri Sep 10 12:41pm
              Okay, I have my character's sheet all filled out now what do I need to do with it. I think I've done better on his back story now and its at least not terrible
            • I don't have the Rules sectionHannibal, Fri Sep 10 3:31am
              Because rules are for suckers and hack writers. However, I did manage to find the Magic section. I'm not sure if the rules regarding magic have changed, but this is what I was able to save. Only... more
              • wthdoomwalker, Sat Sep 11 11:32pm
                Okay, I tried sending my stats to and it says that the account has been permanently disabled or discontinued. So now what exactly do I need to do about my stats and how am I... more
                • Huh. That's odd.Hannibal, Sun Sep 12 9:02pm
                  Send me a copy of your stats to and I will look them over. If you prefer, you can try asking Zeo for help with your character stats. He has more experience with this game... more
                  • character helpdoomwalker, Sun Sep 12 9:08pm
                    Okay I will send you my stats and see what you think; also I would like to have Zeo's email that way I can send them to him too.
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