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Kinda sorta important stuff (4 of 5)
Fri Sep 10, 2010 2:37am

This is where you equipt your character. You do this by spending whatever points you have left over from Step 3. There are different kinds of things you may purchase: Weapons, Accessories, Special Abilities, etc. If you get nothing then your character will start out unarmed, though you will have the chance to acquire items in the course of the game. Remember to keep track of how many points everything costs because you will be required to include that when you submit your stats.

Primary Weapon - Every character has one primary weapon. It is the weapon that they are most skilled with and use most often. The primary weapon that is most common among reploids is the standard issue plasma cannon (or MegaBuster). If you choose that to be your primary weapon then you get it for free. However, if you want your character's primary weapon to be something else then you must pay 10,000.

Secondary Weapons - Secondary weapons are every weapon that your character carries other than his or her primary weapon. Remember that this can be virtually anything you can think of. A laser rifle, a beamsaber, or even a pointy stick. Want to invent a custom weapon? No problem. Just get a GM to approve it. Secondary weapons cost 10,000 each and you may purchase up to three of them. Weapons with multiple components (such as throwing knives, a belt of grenades, dual swords, etc.) will only count as one weapon, but there may be an increase in cost at the GM's discretion.

Special Accessories - Accessories are your character's gear. Any item other than offensive weaponry, such as tools, a portable computer terminal, optical enhancers, a field medkit, etc. Each Accessory costs you 15,000 and you may have up to four. (Remember, if you purchase a Jetpack you will not be able to fly with it unless you also have the Flight attribute.)

Special Abilities - Some characters have unique powers. This could be a natural talent at doing something (like painting), a useful physical ability (changing skin color at will), or a particularly powerful attack (think of Guile's flash kick in Street Fighter). You may have up to four Special Abilities, and they cost 15,000 each. [In case you're wondering, the power to use Magic does not count as a Special Ability. Any character with the Wizard personality concept automatically has the potential to use magic. However, if your character is especially good at using one kind of spell in particular then that would qualify as a special ability.]

Animal Ally - Your character can have an Animal Ally if you want (like Rush, Tango and Beat in the Megaman games) and you can design it yourself. It will have its own personality and special abilities, but the more powerful it is the more it will cost. The price of an Animal Ally ranges from 30,000 to 70,000. The specific cost is determined by the GM on an individual basis, taking into account such factors as the creature's size, powers, etc. You may purchase more than one Animal Ally, but no more than two.

Vehicles - Characters can also own personal vehicles. You can choose almost any kind, from a hoverbike to an air transport. But, similar to Animal Allies, Vehicles are quite expensive and will be priced on an individual basis from 50,000 to 100,000 depending on the vehicle. That means you probably can't afford a tank or private jet. Also, don't forget that the Pilot attribute greatly increases your character's ability to drive any vehicle.

  • Kinda sorta important stuff (3 of 5)Hannibal, Fri Sep 10 2:32am
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    • Kinda sorta important stuff (4 of 5) — Hannibal, Fri Sep 10 2:37am
      • Kinda sorta important stuff (5 of 5)Hannibal, Fri Sep 10 2:41am
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        • Example of your finished productHannibal, Fri Sep 10 3:04am
          Quite a lot to go through, huh? When you're finished building your character, your stat sheet should look something like this: Name: Hannibal E-Mail: Character Creation:... more
          • okdoomwalker, Fri Sep 10 12:41pm
            Okay, I have my character's sheet all filled out now what do I need to do with it. I think I've done better on his back story now and its at least not terrible
          • I don't have the Rules sectionHannibal, Fri Sep 10 3:31am
            Because rules are for suckers and hack writers. However, I did manage to find the Magic section. I'm not sure if the rules regarding magic have changed, but this is what I was able to save. Only... more
            • wthdoomwalker, Sat Sep 11 11:32pm
              Okay, I tried sending my stats to and it says that the account has been permanently disabled or discontinued. So now what exactly do I need to do about my stats and how am I... more
              • Huh. That's odd.Hannibal, Sun Sep 12 9:02pm
                Send me a copy of your stats to and I will look them over. If you prefer, you can try asking Zeo for help with your character stats. He has more experience with this game... more
                • character helpdoomwalker, Sun Sep 12 9:08pm
                  Okay I will send you my stats and see what you think; also I would like to have Zeo's email that way I can send them to him too.
                  • WeeeeeelllllZeo, Mon Sep 13 7:33pm
                    Okay! c a hinton at symbol live dot com
                    • heydoomwalker, Tue Sep 14 12:15am
                      Hey I don't know, but I sent my character's stats to your email and it didn't work. Then again I guess it doesn't really matter much considering I posted it on here anyways.
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