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Sat Sep 11, 2010 12:11am

Well I've had an idea for a new concept.

Blood Lust: You have an unquenchable thirst for violence. You are driven to battle, not for the fight, but for the sheer thrill of killing

    • The Walker of DoomLJB, Sat Oct 16 7:20pm
      I have been creeping the board as I am want to do before re-entering hibernation for the next terrible time I walk this miserable existence, and my dread gaze fell upon the name Doomwalker. A walker... more
      • Quite good, but wrongdoomwalker, Sun Oct 24 3:08am
        You see my original concept of Doomwalker was never based upon said World of Warcraft character simply because I have never played it. This idea came to me in my Logic and reasoning class. As I sat... more
    • Heeey, Zeo. Buddy. Friend o' mine.Kaze, Fri Oct 15 6:11pm
      It's no real secret I have no idea what I'm doing when it comes to writing. I kind of just go with the flow and post what happens. I was wondering if I could get one of those free critiques you... more
      • I don't either!Zeo, Wed Oct 20 11:23am
        But I'll get something together as soon as I can. Though with Bobjob back you might want to get his 'esteemed old bastard' opinion as well.
    • Hijack: Don't worry guys...Demios, Sun Oct 3 2:30pm
      I posted for October, we can just ignore this month like you did for August and most of September.
    • Bad NewbieHannibal, Sat Sep 11 12:57am
      1.) Bloodlust would fall under the Malefactor concept. You obviously didn't read that page. Go read the Concept page and you'll see what I mean. 2.) You may NOT create a new thread. Ever. If one of... more
      • That is actually a really good idea.Zeo, Mon Sep 13 7:37pm
        Posting your stats on the board is a great way to get good -if gruff- advice from the other players. We get new blood so infrequently anyone that comments will have at least been lurking for a few... more
        • Okay if you say sodoomwalker, Mon Sep 13 8:41pm
          Name: Doomwalker E-Mail: Character Creation: Reploid Gender: Male Class: Rogue Type: Thief Concepts Malefactor Its good to be bad. You do what you want and shed no tears... more
          • Okay if you say so (redone)doomwalker, Mon Sep 13 8:46pm
            Name: Doomwalker E-Mail: Character Creation: Reploid Gender: Male Class: Rogue Type: Thief Concepts Malefactor Its good to be bad. You do what you want and shed no tears... more
            • I did say so!Zeo, Tue Sep 14 3:38pm
              So okay, lets get this show on the road. I. Are you sure you meant thief? This guy seems more assassin/ninja than thief. Especially given his personality type and capabilities. II. Just because he's... more
              • Okay redone and modifieddoomwalker, Tue Sep 14 7:59pm
                Name: Doomwalker E-Mail: Character Creation: Reploid Gender: Male Class: Assassin Type: Ninja Concepts Competitor - You strive to be the best in all that you do. Even among... more
                • Much better.Zeo, Wed Sep 22 10:16am
                  You still need to capitalize the first word after the Doomwalker System. As to the rest, more than acceptable. My personal opinion though? You should go back through his bio and cut down all the... more
                  • dangdoomwalker, Wed Sep 22 8:03pm
                    Dang, okay I'm still working on that whole writing thing. I'm trying to get better at it, and as for my character sheet do I need to redo it or just submit it as is?
        • Bragalicious Double Post!Zeo, Mon Sep 13 7:45pm
          Ha-HA! I'm in the lead again Dem!
          • I am dismayed.Zeo, Mon Sep 20 9:55pm
            Not only has no one bothered to post but Demios didn't even bother to refute or argue with me here on the Bar. Truly I am a sad, sad, Zeo. People. We need to post.
            • I agrued with you on AIM (nm)Demios, Tue Sep 21 12:37pm
              • I don't remember any agrue-ing...Zeo, Tue Sep 21 11:07pm
                It sounds sticky. That's something I would remember. And if it doesn't happen on the board it doesn't count! YOU SHOULD KNOW THAT!
                • It was probably the roofie then...Demios, Wed Sep 22 1:25am
                  I guess I get why you might forget.
                  • Roofies!? Zeo, Wed Sep 22 11:09pm
                    I always thought they should be called floories. I mean... That's where you end up.
            • That we doLock-Os, Tue Sep 21 12:20am
              Just need to shake off my family and the more or less never ending cries for help.
            • ...really?doomwalker, Mon Sep 20 11:37pm
              I did and no one has said anything to me or about my new character sheet not even you.
              • Mmmmmmm yes I did...Zeo, Tue Sep 21 12:18pm
                Check out my post labeled "So I did!". It is chock full of reviewing delight!
                • Sad Facedoomwalker, Tue Sep 21 11:52pm
                  I saw that, redid it then posted a new one. That way it would fit and be a little more usable, and that's the one I'm waiting on someone to comment on. Check under Okay redone and modified
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