Okay if you say so (redone)
Mon Sep 13, 2010 8:46pm

Name: Doomwalker


Character Creation: Reploid

Gender: Male

Class: Rogue

Type: Thief


Malefactor – It’s good to be bad. You do what you want and shed no tears for those that you hurt. Sometimes you may even do evil simply for its own sake.

Anarchist - Discord is your middle name. You aren't happy unless completely surrounded by chaos and turmoil.

Total Points: 100,000


Acute Sense - One of your senses (sight) is far better than average. You may purchase this advantage multiple times, but it must apply to a different sense each time. [-15,000¥]

Acute Sense - One of your senses (hearing) is far better than average. You may purchase this advantage multiple times, but it must apply to a different sense each time. [-15,000¥]

Ambidexterity - You have no off hand. You are equally adept with both your right and your left hand. You can write, fight, etc. with either one you choose. (But it still requires special training to fight with both hands at once.) [-10,000¥]

Daredevil - Your balance, agility, and courage allow you to easily perform risky acrobatic feats. [-15,000¥]

Determination - You have an iron will and incredible endurance. This means that you do not tire easily, can hold up under torture, and are almost unstoppable when pursuing a goal. You are physically and mentally resilient. [-20,000¥]

Escape Artist - You are very talented at escaping bonds and wriggling through tight spaces. [-10,000¥]

Kung-Fu - You are a master of the martial arts. When unarmed you are dangerous at close combat. Your body is a deadly weapon. [-20,000¥]

Lightning Reflexes - You are able to react with uncanny quickness. (but this has no effect on your overall speed) [-15,000¥]

Intuition - Sometimes you just have a feeling that someone is lying to you, or that danger is present. Its almost like a sixth sense. [-20,000¥]

Total Points: -20,000


Hideous - You are staggeringly ugly. [+20,000¥]

Total Points: 20,000

Primary Weapon
bone/titanium daggers

Secondary Weapon(s)

Special Accessories
compartments hidden in gauntlets

Special Abilities
The darkness program

Animal Ally


Total remaining after everything:


Age: dead
Height: 5’10
Weight: 156
Eyes: red
Hair: none
Complexion: bone
Build: skeleton with shadows filling it in
Scars/Distinguishing Marks: skull for the right shoulder has been blackened by flames

Head: skull with red dots in the eye sockets

Body: a rib cage with a red core connecting them in the middle and a generator creating black void filling up the inside

Arms: shadows incasing a skeletal arms with gauntlets for forearms and hands

Waist: just a plain black belt

Legs: straight black blue jeans having combat boots that have been painted black connected to the bottom

Weapon Locations
bone/titanium daggers: compartments in both gauntlets


Doomwalker has never been like any other reploid. He has no artificial skin over his skeletal structure and looks like the living dead. He always seems to cause an uneasy feeling in a room whenever he is about to do something unsavory. He is a social outcast. He usually has a plan and is ready for just about anything that comes his way. His main goal is just to watch the world burn.

For years of his life, Dr. Zenoah had worked with Sigma to try to create the perfect army. Now the only reason Sigma did not out right kill the doctor was that after an accident in his old lab he had to become part reploid just to stay alive. During this time Sigma had grown tired of his full on assault approach and decided to try something a little more stealthy. So he had the doctor begin work on multiple types of stealth reploids.

Also knowing that some of the reploids in his army would be caught he thought it would be funny installing a detonation device in each one; so that when/if they got caught they could self-destruct doing serious damage to everyone and everything around them.

Now Dr. Zenoah knew that Sigma did not intend to let him live after his army was created. So while he worked he slowly began putting together another reploid along with a switch that would cause all of Sigma’s army to self destruct simultaneously leaving his base of operations in ruin. Now the doctor knew that separately each reploid that he made had its flaws and weaknesses, but together they were strong. So he created his separate project with the technology used to make all the reploids that were being mass produced by Sigma.

He gave him a different design he wanted his creation to be different from the rest. The doctor made his project look almost like death itself; he wanted the last thing a person saw before he killed them was the look of two beady red eyes staring out at them from a skull. He even made a special program known as “darkness” which filled in the skeletal structure with a black mass and gave it the ability to blend into shadows. He made his gauntlets hold up to twenty bone/titanium daggers in each one at a time instead of the normal amount the regular copies held.

Since this was a private project he decided to hide what he began to call project “Doomwalker” along with the detonation switch away from Sigma. He made it to where when his body stopped producing a signal it would active “Doomwalker” that way he had an ace in the hole. The day finally came when Sigma no longer needed Dr. Zenoah and as he had feared, Sigma killed him without a second thought.

The second Dr. Zenoah hit the ground Doomwalker’s capsule opened and as instructed, he detonated every one of the reploid in Sigma’s army. As Doomwalker walked away from the scene he saw half of Sigma staring at him. “So, you think you have beaten me? No you have just sealed your fate foolish reploid.”

Doomwalker stared at him as he was talking “Enough” he said as he threw a dagger directly between Sigma’s eyes. Instantly he felt a rush, a kind of excitement from seeing the life drain out of Sigma’s eyes. He began to wonder if he would get the same feeling every time he killed. “I am strong, but I am not strong enough. I wonder if there are other people in this world like me; people that enjoy that feeling. If there are then I’m going to find them and see just how good they are. Who knows maybe I’ll end up making some new acquaintances. ”

  • Okay if you say sodoomwalker, Mon Sep 13 8:41pm
    Name: Doomwalker E-Mail: Character Creation: Reploid Gender: Male Class: Rogue Type: Thief Concepts Malefactor – It’s good to be bad. You do what you want and shed no tears... more
    • Okay if you say so (redone) — doomwalker, Mon Sep 13 8:46pm
      • I did say so!Zeo, Tue Sep 14 3:38pm
        So okay, lets get this show on the road. I. Are you sure you meant thief? This guy seems more assassin/ninja than thief. Especially given his personality type and capabilities. II. Just because he's... more
        • Okay redone and modifieddoomwalker, Tue Sep 14 7:59pm
          Name: Doomwalker E-Mail: Character Creation: Reploid Gender: Male Class: Assassin Type: Ninja Concepts Competitor - You strive to be the best in all that you do. Even among... more
          • Much better.Zeo, Wed Sep 22 10:16am
            You still need to capitalize the first word after the Doomwalker System. As to the rest, more than acceptable. My personal opinion though? You should go back through his bio and cut down all the... more
            • dangdoomwalker, Wed Sep 22 8:03pm
              Dang, okay I'm still working on that whole writing thing. I'm trying to get better at it, and as for my character sheet do I need to redo it or just submit it as is?
              • You can submit it as it stands.Zeo, Wed Sep 22 11:08pm
                I'd edit out the majority of those 'now's but it's really up to you. That's honestly the best thing about this game is if you stick with it you'll improve so dramatically over the course of a single... more
                • I want one!Hannibal, Tue Sep 28 11:13pm
                  It would be nice to know where I stand as a writer. Although this is nothing more than glorified fanfiction, I still enjoy it. The drive to write has been lacking for ages, but I never forget this... more
                  • Sure...Zeo, Wed Sep 29 2:25am
                    But first you have to write something! OH HO HO!
                    • now whatdoomwalker, Wed Sep 29 11:09am
                      Well, now what do I do? Do I just need to wait until my character gets accepted or is it already accepted? I don't know because I haven't been told and if he isn't then what do I need to do to submit ... more
                    • You...Hannibal, Wed Sep 29 3:43am
                      You're good.
                • Of coursedoomwalker, Thu Sep 23 3:58pm
                  Of course I want help I'm terrible at this. I need improvement and any vet that's willing to help will be great.
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